Poem For Alexandra

Residents of Alexandra township are making their way to the Alexandra Stadium where President Ramaphosa is expected to address them in response to the concerns raised by the #AlexTotalShutdown. Picture by Shaazia Ebrahim.

By PRYZ da poet

Where do I begin to describe Alexandra, 

A place where lots of things happen 

A place where there is struggle from day to day 

A place where our brothers and sister are killed brutally from day to day

A place where the line “get home safely “is no longer romantic but it’s actually a serious line

A place where rape has became fashion to our brothers who spend their days killing themselves with dagga and all sorts of drugs of which they buy with blood money from their victims 

A place where carrying a gun has become a new trend to all so they can make anyone disappear if they stand on their way,  and yes they do disappear in the river jukskei, a river that does not feed the human kind but feeds on human kind

I walk through the streets of Alexandra in fear each and everyday because I don’t know who’s bullet is gonna reach out to me, I don’t know whose pants are gonna fall for me 

Alexandra is a place where you don’t need to take care of yourself and be careful to survive 

But it’s a place where you need God’s grace to survive 

Anyway welcome to Alexandra 

A place where beauty of a girl is defined by her curves and light skin 

A place where young ladies drink like their fathers and smoke like their brother ” _abalaz’ibhodo_ “

A place where teenage pregnancy is a competition yet fathers never take responsibility 

A place where being beaten by your boyfriend is not a criminal offense but it’s a sign of true love _uzwe bethi “chommy Thabo watrapa_”

With a smile on their faces and in the back of my mind I’m asking myself are you Thabo’s punching bag 

Alexandra is a place where lots of things happen  

 _Benza izinto zenzeke_

PRYZ da poet is an 18-year-old who fell in love with writing at the age of 12. She wrote a novel titled the lost soul(not yet published). She writes poetry that speak about the things that happen around her. 

Featured image by Shaazia Ebrahim