Police unveil new ‘victim sensitive’ case procedures


Days after a deputy minister bashed a woman in a club, Police Minister Fikile Mbalula issued a six-point plan to fight sexual and domestic violence.

“Women and girls are not male property full stop,” said Mbalula, adding that he would try sincerely to stand with every victim of sexual offences and domestic violence that was dissatisfied with the manner in which SAPS dealt with their case.

The six-point plan, unveiled at Eldorado Park Police Station on Friday, 11 August is as follows:

  • All victims should be treated with respect, dignity and interviewed by trained police officials in a victim-sensitive manner.
  • Victims should be assisted at the Victim Friendly Room (VFR) or an alternative room where the statement will be taken in private at the police station or other locations providing victim support services.
  • Victims will be referred or taken for medical examination by the health care professional to obtain medical evidence and complete a medical report.
  • The investigation should be conducted by the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Investigation Unit (FCS) or a detective with relevant training.
  • The families and victims of sexual offences, femicide and infanticides should be referred to the victim support services that are available within the precinct for legal, medical, social and psychological help.
  • Victims should be proactively provided with feedback on the progress of their cases on a continuous basis.

Meanwhile, Mbalula’s Cabinet colleague Mduduzi Manana, the Deputy Minister of Higher Education, was released on R5 000 bail after assaulting a woman in a Johannesburg club. Manana has since resigned as deputy minister.

Mbalula said his aim was to give police clear instructions on how to behave, what to do and how to address sexual offences and domestic violence in order to enhance the quality services to the communities.

“We are duty-bound to ensure that all South Africans feel safe at home, school, work or in their communities,” said Mbalula.

He said that they (SAPS) must reduce the gap between reported and unreported incidents of sexual offence and domestic violence. “Let us reduce barriers to report these crimes.” he said

“We are putting our people first, we are confirming their dignity and human rights.” he added.

Major General Tebello Mosikili, head of the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Investigation Unit, said the police wanted to ensure that victims receive services that will not expose them to the secondary victimisation: “We have victim-friendly facilities at the police stations, and we are currently standing at 1 047 of such centres,” said Mosikili.

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  1. comrades I believe key to getting harden police officers in best frame of mind in taking a report (complaint) concerning abuse or/plus rape of a child or woman is to get that police to conduct interview as if it was that police child or mother or wife or daughter who had been abused or/plus raped. Officers knowing value of thorough effective methods would employ them to best of their ability. South Africa though I am not there project image of people who have on widespread basis acquired selfishness of colonialists instilled in African cultures for hundreds of years while colonialists dominated those cultures especially economics. More to point Buntu need their attention called to this selfishness plus information made known that did not originally come from African cultures instead it was imposed on African cultures in order for Buntu to succeed while their nation was under colonialists domination. That selfishness often generate displacing of due caring but knowledge of this existence often free Buntu to act in a manner free of colonialists instilled selfishness. I am going to love South Africa plus dealing with those monsters with disguised leftover Apartheid attitude but, to continue with point I intended to make we need deal with our Buntu people in sensitive moments in caring manner while acknowledging we have a designated goal in our interactions with them at that moment. moreover, we may only fulfill goal if we wholly interact focused at our information goal. Police Minister Fikile Mbalula have right method for if Dr. Francis Fanon was here he would be among first to acknowledge bring information Police Minister have set forth to police officers consciousness plus proper training may be all needed to solve problem. It is definitely a problem that should be solved. Its failure or success play immeasurable role in a community or/plus nation. Very much sincere, Henry Price Jr. aka Obediah Buntu IL-Khan aka Kankan aka Gue.


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