Renaldo Gouws took his twar with Sibu Mpanza too far

Well-known South African YouTubers Renaldo Gouws and Sibu Mpanza had a pretty intense Twitter feud this week. Gouws apparently sub-tweeted Mpanza in a video, calling him a fame chaser and a liar, among other things. Mpanza took offence and called Gouws out on Twitter. Gouws claims the video was not about Mpanza and was touched at being called a “salty white male”. And so the feud began.

So, here’s the lowdown. There’s Renaldo Gouws: mediocre white YouTube vlogger with 30 000-odd subscribers and also a DA councillor in PE. Gouws is one of the top 100 YouTubers in South Africa in terms of subscribers, comments, likes and watch time.

Then there’s Sibu Mpanza: a lesser-known YouTube vlogger with under 4 000 subscribers; young, black, vocal and doing the things. Despite Gouws being a higher ranking vlogger, he isn’t endorsed by any brands whereas Mpanza is working with Takealot and Standard Bank. He also previously worked with Jameson. Shame, neh?

Social media marketer, Aasia Fredericks, told The Daily Vox that brands assess the content vloggers produce, the markets they appeal to as well as the level of interaction their videos garner. Fredericks said preference is given to young, black South Africans because most brands are aiming at a young black target market. If that’s not your audience, you lose out.

On Monday, Gouws made a video titled “Being a South African YouTuber…” where, among other things, he threw shade on smaller South African vloggers who claim to have quit their jobs and studies because they are “rolling in the dough”. He said small SA vloggers are blatantly lying about how much they earn, “when in actual fact they can’t even afford to buy Oros at the end of the month” – which is low-key racist by the way.

Gouws claims they are wannabe celebrities who are “pretentious” and would “say or do anything” to be famous. As a “top YouTuber”, Gouws claims to know the realities of vlogging in South Africa where it is impossible to make a living solely off YouTube and just wishes “these fame-chasers with 4 000 subscribers or less in South Africa would also realise that”. For Gouws, it is disingenuous to claim otherwise because it creates a false sense of security among local vloggers.

It was obvious for Mpanza and everyone else that Gouws had just subtweeted him.

That’s when things got lit.

Mpanza tweeted about the ‘salty white male’ who subbed him in a video.

And the Twitterverse responded. Mpanza’s followers and subscribers jumped to his defence, calling Gouws out on his white male privilege.

Gouws defended himself, sticking to his original position that he just made a video to support up-and-coming vloggers.

As with most twars, we can never be sure who blocked who first.

But then Gouws took it to a whole new level. He tweeted Mpanza’s sponsors asking if they want to be associated with someone who has a problem with white people.

Jameson denied that Mpanza was their brand ambassador, and said Mpanza only worked with them once-off.

Of course, Gouws rode on that one saying that Mpanza is a liar who faked being Jameson’s brand ambassador.

Takealot responded to Gouws saying that Mpanza’s views are his own and that they do not support any form of racial discrimination.

Mpanza responded that he has always been vocal about race and class; surely his sponsors knew who they were getting involved with when they decided to work with him?

Fredericks said she looked into the social media spat and it didn’t implicate Mpanza in any way because all he did was speak about “a white boy that doesn’t know how to use his privilege.” It would be different if he tweeted a picture with an disreputable person who was publicly known as discriminatory.

Now whether Mpanza was subbed or not, there’s an issue here. A white male vlogger, encased in his privilege, is publicly destroying the image of a smaller black vlogger. Twarring with, shading and dragging each other is one thing, but when you alert the sponsors and brand ambassadors of another vlogger, you’re interfering with their bread.

For Gouws, YouTube is all fun and games: he said it himself – he gives his YouTube money to charity. Hey, he has his white privilege and a job as a DA councillor to fall back on. It’s all good. But, and he mentioned in his video, other vloggers rely on YouTube for their livelihoods. (Vloggers, like, say Sibu Mpanza?) If Gouws is as concerned with the growth of young SA vloggers, as he claims to be, why is he trying to drag Mpanza – who he himself says is a small vlogger – through the mud?

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  1. Renaldo says

    The facts in this article along with its bias shows me how Fake News has taken over. I am blown away by the author’s audacity to blatantly lie. They even leave out the fact that Sibu lied about being a brand ambassador for Jameson when in their official Twitter account they denied this. What is not mentioned here, amongst many things is the fact that he started the sub tweeting. I never approached him first. Also he race baited me by bringing my race into the argument when the video was never about race. There are so many other false accusations in this article but I honestly don’t think the daily vox cares.

  2. James says

    This article is clearly biased by some petty author who brings up fake news just to incite racism towards white people. It’s these kind of stupid authors who do not know how to bring good to the world. Instead this Shaazia clearly shows her hatred to white people by simply being biased. Any work published by this joke of an author isn’t worth the time.

  3. Paul says

    This article is absolute BS. The author is clearly racist, as is Mpanza. Why must black people ALWAYS pull the race card first? FFS it’s been 23 years since whites have had any form of privilege. Whites are second-rate citizens! Blacks have all the privileges. Get over it already and stop blaming white people for your lack of ambition and initiative.

  4. Sihle says

    Wow, Daily Vox, what on earth has happened to your journalism? This is embarrassingly bad, crass, and juvenile.

  5. Sinu says

    Feeling embarrassed for this author – you doing no favours to black people here

  6. the gatlin says

    I loved the part where the white dude was described as being mediocre despite having 30 000 viewers and yet Sibu’s description was glittered with nothing but compliments. biased much?

  7. Robin says

    HAHAHA Good to see readers can see through this garbage. Amazing how some so-called journalists think its justified to flat out lie as long as its the name of “social justice”

  8. Kyle says

    The “journalism” is appallingly bad. Blatant obfuscation of facts. Thedailyfox should really consider who they let write articles for them.

  9. Munhumutapa Bopoto says

    Thank you Shaazia, as you have managed to bring out the trolls from the woodwork. All the News24 veterans are out here supporting their own as wrong he was.

    At least Gouws speaks the racist language of his party, DA as exemplified recently by their goddess Helen Zille.

    The blatant abuse of white privilege as a tool to further the economic oppression of the previously disadvantaged is apparent.

    Sibu was right and we stand by him!

  10. robert says

    He gives the money to charity!?!?!?! How dare he, there are vloggers out there who dropped out of studying to make videos and he gives his money to the poor, truly this is sick, the poor don’t need money or food, vloggers need the money for faster internet. This is literally the most retarded “article” I have ever read, you literally said he gives money to the poor because he is white and works for the DA, is that really how things work? How can you say you’re into social justice and philosophy and then write “articles” like this? Please consider an early retirement from “journalism” or at least stop calling yourself one for the sake of those who are real journalists.

  11. Whites did nothing wrong says

    use that thing thos racist “white” people invented and google: cognitive bias

  12. IStandWithNoOne says

    And this ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when social justice warriors play journalist. Completely biased and possibly the biggest steaming pile of trash article I’ve read in a while. Excuse me while I have a double Jameson

  13. White man says

    Asking a serious question here. Wtf did I just read? Seriously, if Sibu (or anyone else for that matter ) can make a living off YouTube, good for you!
    Referring to someone a white this or a black that is primarily school antics. Come now. We all big boys, let the YouTube machine decide if your content is good enough to fill ur pocket!

  14. Mik says

    I don’t really care about either of these vloggers,all I want to know is how is the Oros thing “low-key” racist ? Or can’t we use the “O” word anymore?

    1. Milan says

      You are being racist towards Spar orange juice.

  15. Petrus Civis says

    Sorry – who is Gouws, who is Mpanza, and who cares? What serious-minded person gives a damn about tweets and vloggers? Is this website even written by adults?

  16. Orosman says

    All things aside. I WANT AN ANSWER PLEASE: Why, oh why, is not being able to afford Oros a low-key racist comment? Please answer me.

    Oros is the great equaliser!!

  17. Ngqika ka Rarabe says

    This is a sad article. Just for the record, this sort of focus on race is not shared by all, and I am embarrassed for the writer. As an outsider, it is obvious that only one of the two guys here is mentioning race. Sidiniwe ngoku with all this race-based talk, and I’d like to say that I consider all people in my country to be South Africans. Try saying that, instead of saying ‘coloured, white, indian, black’. So sad. One day your children will read what you have said, and you’ll maybe be ashamed. Here one South African made a comment, and the other made a contrary one – the only big deal is that the author has made this a race thing – wierd and unkind, but showing that the author of the article has herself a racist tendency that she cannot recognise.

    Let’s stand together, and build this country. Kindly, and together. Stop making out that we S.Africans have hatred for one another, and understand that we are much more than you imply. We want to go forward, in a modern, economically independent and successful way. Come join us, Shaazia. You are very welcomed by us all.

  18. Milan says

    It’s a disgraceful disgusting racial article writing by a disgusting racist authour. Very sad.

  19. Andrew de klerk says

    He said small SA vloggers are blatantly lying about how much they earn, “when in actual fact they can’t even afford to buy Oros at the end of the month” – which is low-key racist by the way.”

    i must be missing where the low-key racist comment is here? small SA vloggers are not a race – they are a collection of people who are small SA vloggers

  20. This Author is an idiot racist says

    Wow this “author” is the most racist person I’ve ever heard of. Sibu is a fake. He is not a Jameson Ambassador but hey if you have an IQ of 20 then believe this racist author and racist sibu

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