Responses to #Shackville: is it time to put South Africa in rice yet?


Students who set “historic paintings” ablaze at the University of Cape Town on Tuesday have been criticised for their actions, as if being homeless is less important than art.


She went and used the K word, fam.

This person raises a good point about why the country is sitting up and taking notice now.

Ah yes, the old “tertiary education is a privilege, not a right” argument. Yawn.

Aw no, so sad! The Rhodes Must Fall collective lost a cheerleader. 

Finally! Some sense among the blatant racism!

Are you actually being for real right now? 

Those in solidarity with the students at UCT are having none of that though.

The protest action brought up some questions that need real answers.

But the love and support for the collective is real, and still there.

Featured image by Ashraf Hendricks on Twitter


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