Say hello to the Period Fairy

With World Menstrual Hygiene Day (29 May) just behind us, it’s refreshing to see an advert about periods and women’s sanitary products that isn’t focused on women jumping around in white pants or showing off the incredible absorption abilities of a sanitary towel using that weird blue liquid.

Hello Flo, a US-based women’s health company, “dedicated to helping women and girls navigate all stages of life”, has released a series of videos to promote its period starter kits – each with its own adorable, humorous, two-minute plot.

You may already be familiar with the First Moon Party ad and Camp Gyno ad.

In the latest from Hello Flo, a young girl who’s just had her first period seeks out the mythical Period Fairy and interviews other members of the previously all-male department of mythical creatures.

“She paved the way for me,” the Tooth Fairy says. “She was the first one to say, ‘Instead of let’s talk about it never, let’s talk about it always.’’ Always, of course, being the sanitary towel brand.

Watch the advert:

Periods. It’s not all blue fluid and flik-flaks on the beach.

– Featured image: screenshot from the video.