#sexistSA: “First-year girls are fresh meat”

Universities across South Africa recently opened their doors to budding first-year students looking forward to a new chapter in their lives, one which brings not only lectures, assignments and exams, but also the possibility of all night partying, excessive alcohol consumption, new relationships and the advances of older male students. Third-year student SIPHIWE NKOSI* (21) told Pontsho Pilane the reasons why he, like his friends, prefers to target first-year students.

I remember when I was still in high school; the girls my age were not interested in me at all. They were always going crazy over guys who were older. They ended up dating those guys instead of me and the other guys in my grade. It was clear to me that women are attracted to men that are more advanced than them and guys also like the idea of younger women.

I will be honest with you, first-year girls are popular because many guys believe they are easy; they think it doesn’t take much to get them into bed. This may be true, but I find that I am more attracted to them because they are easy to approach. Older female students know too much, they are more likely to have been with more guys and that could spoil things, you know. First years are more willing to give in to a guy’s desires.

All I want is a flame – a super-hot girl. These first-year girls usually fit that criteria and they come in numbers, that’s why we target them. If one says no then you could move on to the next one – there is ample choice and that’s what makes it fun.

To me, and many of my friends, first-year girls are fresh meat. I know that she will be a flame; many other guys want to get with her, but I will be the one with her.

It’s all about getting the hottest girl so that all the other guys are envious – I will be the man! I only savage first years that look great. If she doesn’t look great, then I am not interested in her in that way, but she can be my friend.

The older a girl is, the higher her body count may be. No guy wants to be with a girl who has slept with a lot of guys. I don’t want to be in a situation where I bump into a guy my girlfriend has slept with.

I once dated a girl and I found out she had slept with more people than I have. Although I told her I didn’t mind, I did and that didn’t sit well with me. There is no way that a guy would respect that, and at some point it will show. First-year girls are more likely to have slept with fewer people or nobody which is what I, and every guy I know, wants.

* Name has been changed
– As told to Pontsho Pilane
– Featured image via Flickr