#SexistSA: Why isn’t SuperSport broadcasting the women’s soccer World Cup?

The Fifa women’s World Cup began last Friday in Canada, but how many South Africans are even aware of the event? We certainly aren’t able to follow the action on our TV screens. Activists took to Twitter to point out the double standards when it comes to broadcasting women’s sport. 

Feminist activist Pearl Pillay kicked things off this morning, when she called SuperSport out and asked why the tournament wasn’t being broadcast.

And journo Rebecca Davis backed her up. Why aren’t we able to see the best of women’s soccer on our screens in the same way we’re able to watch, for example, Serena Williams dominate on a tennis court?

SuperSport immediately hit back, and rejected claims of sexism.

Some people were backing up the pay broadcaster.

But other tweeps were adamant that SuperSport was just making excuses.

Because how is women’s soccer going to get popular, if it’s never given exposure?

Why do people not want to watch women in action as they kick some balls?

And Pillay wasn’t budging on how this is an issue that hadn’t been given attention, beating minister Mbaks at his own game and throwing all the shade at him.

– Featured image: By Joel Solomon, via Wikimedia Commons.
– Gif, via Giphy.