Should 702 be allowed to close down the city?


On Sunday, tens of thousands took to the streets of Jozi for the 702 Walk the Talk.  This year the event asked all entrants to walk for a cause, belief or charity.

But not everyone was thrilled with the event, that saw roads closed off, and all life, except those walking of course, reach a standstill.

Professor Steven Friedman, a public intellectual and one of our most astute political commentators, criticized the walk, saying it was an inconvenience to those were not participating in it.

“Besides the fact that people are being prevented from doing their work, am I the only one who thinks it is outrageous that a suburban radio station and its affluent listeners can take over the city in this way as if they owned it?”


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Posted by Steven Friedman on Sunday, July 26, 2015

Friedman’s post drew a smack-load of response; some accused him of being petty for criticising an event that only takes place once a year. Others voiced their support for him, agreeing that a corporate had no business deciding on the fate of others, in a free country, be it for a day, or not.

What’s the verdict? Does Friedman have a point, or is he just being a grinch? Tell us.
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  1. What is this rage against the middle class? It’s one of the few times we can walk around in the city – ONCE A YEAR. In the past, we used to have that luxury, but since this ANC government which doesn’t understand the word “security”, it has become next to impossible. And friedman wants to take this away also so that he can make it for his radio interview? Perhaps he should skype with them instead.

    • I have to agree, ivory tower raging at the very people who pay the taxes to make the town! How dare they want to walk around it!

    • Some people walk around the city every day. If you need it gated before you can walk, that’s your own problem.

  2. Any event that keeps Friedman from spouting his tiresome verbiage is an event for the greater public good. Well done, 702! And stop whining, Prof. Nobody missed your waffle.


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