Six of Mbuyiseni Ndlozi’s best burns in Parliament

On the rare occasions that the EFF get to spend more than a few minutes in Parliament before being forcibly removed or asked to leave, their national spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi manages to get in a few priceless jibes. SIMONE MATIKA rounds up six moments “the people’s bae” lit up Parly with his smart mouth.

1. The sleepist saga, hebanna!
Ndlozi called out International Relations Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane for apparently sleeping. “I’m worried that this minister that we pay so much is sleeping in parliament. We pay you, don’t sleep here! You are a sleepist, do you think we are sleepists here?”, he said to much cheering. And he was even worried that she would fall over in that position. Aaaaw.

2. When politics and religion collide
Ndlozi accused ANC MP, Pule Mabe, of relying on the Bible because his politics is bankrupt. “It looks like when politics escape you we start relying on the Bible because politics have gone bankrupt; is it parliamentary?”

3. His cheeky nicknames
Ndlozi has a thing for giving parliamentarians special names, since he once called Baleka Mbete “Magogo Mbete” and also called minister Blade Nzimande “Bra Blade”. When called out on it, Ndlozi got cheeky with the Deputy Speaker and said that he meant it as a term of respect.

4. Don’t try to play games in Parliament
Ndlozi accused Health Minister, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, of playing morabaraba with another minister in parliament. “I think parliament must take exception to ministers who don’t listen when their turn to listen comes and go and play morabaraba with other ministers.”

5. That time he quoted Rick Ross (or did Ross steal his lines?)
We’d like to thank whoever took the time to recognise game and make this mash-up.

6. That time he invoked the spirit of MaBrrr
Ndlozi asked if minister Des van Rooyen is allowed to speak during the week whilst they were having a debate on the Vuwani crisis – “Honourable chair, isn’t it procedural that we should allow him to speak Saturdays and Sundays because he’s a weekend special?”

Ndlozi has only been an MP for two years, but he’s been keeping the National Assembly so lit that we can’t help but look forward to his outbursts from time to time.

  1. Justice says

    Is this website funded exclusively by the EFF or just in part? The first fascist news website in SA! Congrats!

  2. Erna says

    Just because Daily Vox wrote an entertaining article about an EFF representative, doesn’t mean they in their pockets man, come on lighten up

    1. Justice says

      Perhaps you should peruse the rest of the articles and re-evaluate your statement.

  3. Shimpopo says

    Ah sweet! Look at his cute smile! And he’s so funny and cool. Good thing he’s not a fascist with ludicrous economic proposals that will decimate South Africa. Hang on… he actually is. But at least he’s cool.

    The EFF will destroy this country if the receive any more power. If you want to save the country vote OUT the ANC but voting for the DA. If you are too up-your-own-ass to accept that they are the best alternative then you are either an idiot or you work for the EFF.

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