Solidarity Fund: Back to work but don’t be a mampara


Don’t think masks are a sign of weakness. Don’t forget about social distancing and sanitising. Don’t be a mampara. This is the appeal from The Solidarity Fund as South Africans make their way back to work. 

“Going back to work during the Coronavirus pandemic creates challenges,” says Wendy Tlou, the Solidarity Fund’s Behavioural Change Pillar Executive Head. “Most South Africans have adapted to these changes during the first nine months of lockdown. Many have moved to working from home, which is the safest of the options, but there are many, many occupations that require employees and employers to be at a physical place of work. 

“We are imploring and reminding everyone to keep up with simple behavioural basics to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

“If we protect ourselves, then we protect others, and together we protect our country. Let’s learn to co-exist with this virus safely in the workplace and in traveling to and from work. Whether we work in an office, a shop, a factory, a petrol station, gyms, restaurants, etc, let us reinforce the basics of ensuring our safety and health.”

There are now over 30 000  deaths, over 1,2-million confirmed infections. Our health system is at risk of being overwhelmed. And the Solidarity Fund’s campaign aims to remind us that the most effective weapon against the virus lies with us: 

  1. Keep wearing a mask properly (cover your nose and mouth)
  2. Keep staying at home if possible and following the new lockdown rules, and 
  3. Keep practicing social distancing.

About the Solidarity Fund

The Solidarity Fund was established as a rapid response vehicle to mobilise South Africa in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting health, humanitarian and social consequences. The Fund works to augment the government’s response to this unprecedented challenge by assisting existing programmes and initiatives across all nine provinces. Inspired by our nation’s resolve , unity and spirit we are committed to creating impact through our ongoing work to manage and eventually, contain this virus. For detailed information and reporting about donations received, projects and approvals, as well as the impact the Fund is having, visit