South Africa Does Not Need The Help of Israel To Solve Our Drought


A number of articles have been written by Zionists telling Capetonians they would have water had they taken help from Israel. An editorial in the Jerusalem Post earlier this week says South Africa is in no position to refuse help from Israel. Why? According to them, Israel is the “world leader in desalination, water recycling, water preservation and irrigation”.  This is not true. If Israelis have sufficient water, it’s only because they deny water rights to Palestine.

The control or destruction of Palestinian water supplies predates the 1967 war. From the Nakba [when Palestinians were expelled from their homes] in 1948, Zionists would ruin Palestinian water supplies as a way to prevent villagers returning to their homes.

Palestine’s water control was taken over officially after the illegal occupation of the West Bank in 1967, This was done under an “agreement” which stated that “the Israeli side shall transfer [water] to the Palestinian side”.

The JPost editorial says that in spite of five years of drought, Israel have not needed to resort to rationing or to raise water tariffs. But according to The Amnesty International report into the water crisis in Palestine called “Troubled Waters Palestinians denied fair access to water”, Palestinian consumption is rationed to 70 litres of water a day and in some areas 20 litres a day. Each Israeli uses almost four times the amount at 300 litres a day.

According to a recommendation by the World Health Organisation each person should have access to 100 litres daily while the minimum amount recommended for emergency situations sits 20 litres a day.

The wall built by the Israeli government is used not just to imprison Palestinians but also cut Palestinians off from water supplies. The Israeli argument is that the wall is to to prevent terrorist activities between West Bank villages and from coming into israel. The intentional denial of water access is a method to oppress the people of Palestine, and is a slow genocide. The Western Aquifer which has the highest water quality in the region belongs to Palestine but was also seized by Israel. Palestine only receives 6% of its water.

I believe that Israel does not see Palestinians as humans. But in South Africa we believe that access to clean water is the constitutional right of all. But just as black equals poor in SA, in Palestine, brown equals less equal. In a judgment handed down by the Constitutional Court in 2009, former justice, Kate O’Regan said “Although rain falls everywhere, access to water has long been grossly unequal. This inequality is evident in South Africa”. She also went on to say, “the achievement of equality, one of the founding values of our Constitution, will not be accomplished while water is abundantly available to the wealthy, but not to the poor.”

We can also boycott Israeli state assistance and draw on documented information produced within in Israel if necessary. There are water experts from other countries capable of understanding Israeli measures without the Israeli government’s prejudice. The refusal of the Israeli government’s direct assistance can highlight the injustices in Israel including water-based domination of Palestinians. A boycott is particularly important on this issue.

Israel’s continued efforts at trying to give South Africans advice should been seen for what it is, a shameless display of their disregard of human rights. Stealing water in an attempt to oppress people is nothing but a colonial strategy. The government has done well in denying any help from state of Israel. South Africa does not need the help of the colonial, apartheid state of Israel which continues to use water as a method of colonisation and segregation.

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  1. The hypocrisy in this statement is staggering: “We can also boycott Israeli state assistance and draw on documented information produced within in Israel if necessary.” So it’s perfectly fine to make use of Israeli intellectual capital, just not actual assistance? Make up your mind. You’re either in favour of using Israel’s world-renowned expertise in water management, or you’re not.

      • “There are water experts from other countries capable of understanding Israeli measures without the Israeli government’s prejudice.” This means that we can ask other countries’ experts to use Israel’s ideas as long as we don’t ask Israel’s experts to use Israel’s ideas. Sounds a lot like using Israeli intellectual capital to me.

    • Stealing water from the Jordan river is a central feature of Zionist Isreal’s search for water security.It’s claimed superior water management like it’s claimed ability to ” make the desert bloom” are grossly overblown myths designed to embellish it’s appeal to drought stricken underdeveloped nations. It is insidious as it is subversive. Namibia is more advanced in water recycling and desalination.We don’t need Isreal for anything or have you forgotten it’s alliance with Apartheid. We owe it to the Palestinians to BDS the Zionist state.

      • A completely ignorant post. “Palestine” was a wasteland prior to the Jews re-settlement of their ancestral land. The arabs that lived there then and live there now are not adept at maintaining agriculture. Namibia is known for what exactly? You are simply another hater.

      • Here’s the truth, which the terrorist-loving Rumana “Akook” wouldn’t know if it bit her in the ass:
        What it boils down to is Arab leadership stealing money meant to improve their water situation, while using the predicament for political fodder, letting their people suffer and asking the world to keep giving them more money. Still, they will soon have more water than the Israel-hating ANC scrounges up for its constituents. That’s what you get for your leaders being on the wrong side of the Israeli-Arab conflict, not to mention the wrong side of history and civilization. The ignorance is staggering.

      • Kolin … somewhere out there, there is a tree working hard making the oxygen that you breathe, you should go find that tree and apologize to it…. tearfully….
        Darwinism at its best is what kills majority of ignorant and hateful population, i guess yours is no different.

  2. The Palestinians are already sending their experts on how to not have any possibility of peace and are waiting for their refugee numbers…..

    OH the Palestinians are rally Egyptians, Syrians and Saudis and ….

    Please eat sand south africa for your hostility to a nation who helps the world instead of one that sends murderers into Airports and the Olympics to kill Jews.

  3. The bias and utter myopic stupidity of the writer of this article is staggering. Israel is the world leader in technology as far as the efficient use of scarce water resources are concerned. South Africa can learn from them.This piece of editorial reminds one of the idiom:”Cutting your nose to spite your face”.

  4. Um, If according to the author the only way Israel doesn’t have a water shortage is because they steal it from Palestinians, then what exactly is the ‘documented information’ the author refers to? Are there Palestinians in South Africa, or did you just figure out that the first 75% of your rant is garbage

  5. rumanna akoob is just another delusional arab filled with hate against Jews. she can’t blame her leaders because they would kill her, so she blames the Jews. There was no “nakba”. The arabs were transient workers who are viewed as a lower class by every other arab country and that status has prevented the other arab countries from taking them in for re-settlement. Pogroms against Jews pre-1948 had zero to do with Israel as a country; they were simply acts of Jew hatred by these lower class arabs. Yes, Akoob’s ancestors! her hatred has clouded her already addled mind and she brings nothing of any value to the reader. She is more suited as a toilet bowl.

  6. This is a nasty little article written by an ignorant racist. Cape town is about to run out of water! Had the government accepted the assistance of Israeli technology several years ago, there would have been a plan and a solution. Now it is too late. Goodbye tourists and goodbye way of life . Ask Hamas to help build that plant.

  7. The article introduces biases without solution beyond “I hate Israel and that is why we don’t need their help”. So while people are going without water in Cape Town the author is saying “at least we didn’t accept any help from Israel”. It is almost like she is treating a moral victory as being more important than the welfare of Cape Townians. Don’t worry people of Cape Town at least Israel didn’t help you when you were suffering, and that is all that counts. Solidarity!

  8. Ugh terrible article indeed! As a black South African I am so TIRED of being told pledge some sort of solidarity with Palestinians and dismiss Israelis. I will not be used as a political mule by the Muslim community here for their anti-semantic agenda, especially from people who will gladly call me an abeed or the K word. Black people in South Africa need to wake up to this and I’m seeing black people in the USA finally catching this long con about solidarity to the Palestinian cause.

  9. Thanks Rumana, you are on point. Further, there are many deleterious effects caused by desalination. The death rate from heart attacks has doubled in Israel due to desalination. Desal water is deficient in magnesium, iodine and calcium. There is massive impact on crops that now lack nutrients. Desal destroys sea life too. In fact Israel is moving away from desalination.

    The point is also that our water is being privatised

  10. I fully agree with the comments expressed by Sisanda and Anne. What is Chamas’ contribution to the world other than terrorism. Israel is a world leader in water and agriculture – that’s why most African states are using them for agriculture. They have turned their land from a barren desert in 1948 into an oasis.

  11. Israel is winning the battle for Africa. Why; because the Muslim countries can only export terrorism and vitriolic anti-semitism whist Israel exports to Africa technology and teaches methods of agriculture.

  12. Are you delusional? Firstly, you contradict your own statements, claiming Israel is not a leader in water processing and then, almost remarkably immediately, claim that their methods can be copied. You then have the audacity to claim that Israel successful use of water technology comes from preventing water from the Palestinians, despite that this past very December, a deal between Israel and the Palestinian authority would provide millions of cubic meters of drinking water to the Palestinians from a desalination process.

    If you’re going to propagate such a disturbingly invalid position, at least have the common sense to research the slightest bit of information, the stupidity of your article is palpable.

  13. Basically, nearly every single thing that you wrote is wrong.
    1. The death rate in Israel has not doubled, not even nearly, and whatever increase has occurred is largely credited to bad diets.
    2. Desalinated water is deficient in certain minerals, sure. But after the desalination, those minerals are added to the water, making them the exact same as fresh-water.
    3. The vast majority of Israeli crops are not watered with desalinated water. They are watered using recycled gray water. This is possible thanks to Israel’s 90% water recycling rate (for comparison, the second best country in this regard is Portugal, with 20% recycling).
    4. There is absolutely no evidence that desalination harms sea life in any significant way.
    5. Israel is not moving away from desalination; just the contrary: A new plant has just been christened, and another one is being built.
    6. Israel’s water is not privatized. Water rates are constant throughout the country, regardless of whether it is desalinated or fresh.


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