#SouthAfricaReacts: Zuma Is Gone Edition!

Valentine’s Day 2018 left South Africa shook, and not because someone sent us roses unexpectedly. Not since the Zimbabwean coup-lite last year has this country been under as much stress as this week. The one and only President Jacob Zuma – the laughing one, survivor of the no-confidence vote, shunner of the rape accusations, first of his name – went on live television and actually resigned. Sjoe. Some of us refuse to believe it.

Announced so late at night that most of us probably haven’t received the news yet, the resignation sent South African twitter into hysteria.

On Valentine’s Day even? Some of us can’t tell if we got dumped or received the best gift ever!

I mean, what;s a box of chocolates compared to the rand at R11,67 to the dollar? Right?

It isn’t really a victory, but sometimes you just need to celebrate anyway.

But maybe it is a little bittersweet. After all, this has been a long, long relationship. It’s hard to let go sometimes.

Either way, whether you’re head-over-heels or heartbroken, no one can say South Africa isn’t an exciting place to live! Now to prepare ourselves for the next scene…