Spokesperson of spin: Big Mac has Zuma’s back

    Mac Again lol

    Amid incompetence and a lack of qualifications, it’s quite refreshing to find a politician who can do their job well – and not just well, but super-well. Spokesperson for the Presidency, Mac Maharaj, certainly fits the bill, as he leaves journalists – and the public – spinning with his constant statements defending President Jacob Zuma.

    Most recently, he’s denied that the president’s family uses military helicopters for travel between Durban and Nkandla, but this is just his latest salvo. Earlier this month Maharaj was as busy as ever  “clarifying” Zuma’s teen mom comments. Over the years he’s had the president’s back on matters ranging from Nkandla to ill-thought out statements, such as: “We mustn’t think like Africans in Africa.”

    Mac, you may make journalists’ lives harder (it’s quite tough having to read between the spinning lines), but that’s your job, and it’s only fair to acknowledge that you’re a grandmaster of spin.