Stats SA: Women and children hit hardest by poverty


More than 50% of the South African population was living in poverty in 2015. This is according to a report released by Statistics South Africa (StatsSA) on Tuesday, August 22. The report shows that things do not look good for South Africans.

The report examined poverty trends in South Africa, by applying the Upper Bound Poverty Line (UBPL) of R992 per person per month, and showed that 30.4 million South Africans were poor in 2015, compared to the 27.3 million in 2011. This means that one out of every two South Africans were poor.

Of the 30.4 million poor South Africans, 13.8 million people were living below the 2015 Food Poverty Line (FPL) of R441 per person per month, a 2.8 million increase from 2011. The 2008 global financial crisis is said to hit this group the most. In terms of the poverty share, five out of ten poor South Africans were women (52.7%), while 66.8% of children below the ages of 17 were living in poverty. Households led by black African women, as well as people living in the rural parts of the Eastern Cape and Limpopo were the most vulnerable to poverty and likely to have little to no education.

The report noted that South Africa’s economy was unstable in the last five years, especially between 2011-2015. This was driven by a combination of international and domestic factors, such as low economic growth, continuing high levels of unemployment, low commodity prices and higher consumer prices for energy and and food.

StatsSA notes that while it was relatively easy to measure poverty headcounts for interpretation, they were unable to measure how far poor people are from the poverty line.

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  1. comrades sad fact of matter is that if condition was properly managed purely on basis of need it would cost a fraction of what corrupt politicians say is needed to fulfill that need. Same condition exist with replacing shanty towns with low income modern earth block homes constructed primarily with earth blocks plus metal walls plus, cement slab base free of construction plus political corruption. This include infrastructure for water, sewage electricity etc. Big ticket item would be sewage plant but with cost control measures in place it could be a modern plus reasonably price facility capable of managing all South Africa designate city need. In short all these upgrades in living conditions are possible right now in South Africa but, colonialists instilled selfishness of many Buntu politicians plus leaders override doing what is in people best interest. I know with due assistance Dr. Dlamini Zuma is one leader in South Africa who would correct many of these conditions maybe all. I recall how all Buntu leaders cried during days of Apartheid pleading their case of Buntu being humans deserving of better treatment but when it become their duty to provide that better treatment they do as colonialists of Apartheid plus steal funds through various methods that should be used to upgrade living conditions plus build needed infrastructure for development of cost efficient homes for shanty towns living Buntu plus development of increasing size of energy infrastructure plus other conditions needed to facilitate greater manufacturing plus service base which will create more jobs plus a greater tax base. It is well known these conditions need be bought about plus could be however, all people of South Africa have received from last three presidents is rhetoric plus corruption. With presidents before them people of South Africa received even less. Mentality in South Africa among leaders have become to make “waves” to achieve positions of powers. If people continue to embrace that method they could miss one leader who will clean up centuries of inhumane mess. You know for sure person to clean up that mess will not be a male. They created it plus arrogantly acknowledge they did as if it is a good thing that some “maid” will come along plus correct. So is mentality of Apartheid created Buntu male. South Africa plus me if I am to assist need Dr. Dlamini Zuma as president of South Africa. Irregardless of whether you like her or her past she is only hope for righteous at this late date prevailing in South Africa. Very much sincere, Henry Price Jr. aka Obediah Buntu IL-Khan aka Kankan aka Gue.


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