Steve Hofmeyr pens open letter to EFF member Jaco Oelofse


On Friday, a candidate for the University of Pretoria’s student representative candidate made headlines in several national news outlets. The media buzz did not appear to be prompted by anything particularly controversial that he had said but rather by the fact that he is “gay, white and from the EFF”. The headlines didn’t mention that the student, Jaco Oelofse, is also an Afrikaner. But that’s what Steve Hofmeyr is here for.

At the weekend Hofmeyr, 90s popstar and self-proclaimed gatekeeper of all things Afrikaaner, penned an open letter to Oleofse on the Afrikaans language website Maroela Media, describing the student’s political beliefs as nothing more than a “radical” and “rebellious” student phase designed to shock older generations with “something new”. Jaco Oelofse EFF SRC poster

For Hofmeyr, Oelofse’s membership in the EFF cannot be taken seriously because he is too young and only a student. “Marxism is but a beautiful theory with no foot in reality. Many outgrow it after campus,“ he writes.

He dismisses Oelofse’s belief that the land should be returned to its rightful owners, saying it’s a little late for reparations. “Reparations and corrections are acceptable, but unless it happens over generations, it is unethical; the wrong people are rewarded and the wrong individuals are punished,” says Hofmeyr.

Oelosfe told a South African Press Association reporter that he believes the EFF represents the interests of South Africa’s gay community better than any other political party but Hofmeyr brushes this too aside, implying that Oelofse is using his sexual orientation to gain prestige or recognition. (Hofmeyr also says, “to me, gays (and women) haven’t been social outsiders for a long time” but members of the LGBTIQ community might disagree with this.)

In his final point, Hofmeyr says that black people do not have a culture of reading and so will continue to blame others for their circumstances. White people meanwhile have been reading for “millions of years” and so, he concludes, “The question is, white child, Afrikaner child, what exactly is your excuse?”

You can read Hofmeyr’s full letter, in Afrikaans, on Maroela Media.


  1. A couple of comments to South African citizens.
    As a pensioner and concerned south African a have a few points to make public if I may
    Firstly the pensioner in SA is treated like a liability

    All south Africans are lazy anybody from out side of s a having a business is killed south Africans do not want to work

    Young south Africans are idiots proven by the fact that they do not know what democracy means look at their actions They have no idea what the consequences could be.

    After 20+ years of democracy what can S A show NOTHING but defunct country


    As long as we don’t take responsibility for ourselves S A will sink deeper into its own misery

    Young South Africans forget the past and build a new nation with all you’ve got
    White and Colonial influence as you can not do it with out

  2. An ignoramus having a go at another ignoramus. But at least, I suppose, Oelofse can blame his naivety (should he ever manage to lose it). Hofmeyer has no such excuse.

    Also, white people have been reading for millions of years? Really? Maybe somebody should inform Hofmeyer that “The Flinstones” isn’t a documentary.


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