Street artist Falko brightens up small-town South Africa

Since he first began doodling on the walls of the Cape Flats, renowned South African street artist Falko has been all over the world, mapping out murals across the globe.

But now he’s coming home. In a project called Once Upon a Town, Falko collaborates with Red Bull South Africa to travel to small towns across the country, and paint some walls.

Falko,an innovator in South Africa’s street art scene, hails from Mitchell’s Plain, which is a small town in itself on Cape Town’s notorious Cape Flats. Areas of the vast township are dominated by gang violence, and dilapidated housing. For Falko, street art was a way to create beauty that his community could take pride in.

Now, the internationally renowned street art pioneer is returning to his small town roots to visit the neglected corners of South Africa that need some inspiration.

“The reason why I come to small towns specifically, is because small towns need it the most,” Falko says in a trailer for the project. “I’m not coming in to save lives, I’m not coming here to preach, I’m not coming here to tell you get an education. It’s not forced … The art is what I do. I want to learn to get to know my country.”

The series has already seen Falko paint some colourful walls in Riebeeck West, some 75km north-east of Cape Town, in the Western Cape Swartland.

Watch the trailer: 

– Featured image: Screenshot from the video.