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7 Alarming Unemployment Stats

Things are not looking good for South Africa’s unemployment rate, particularly the youth unemployment rate. The unemployment rate is now 27.6%, up by 0.9% from the first quarter in 2018. This is according to Statistics South Africa’s

Elections Live Blog (10/05)

Welcome to the third day of The Daily Vox’s elections live blog. We’re bringing you live updates as votes are counted. We’ll mostly be based at the Results Operation Centre in Pretoria. You can also follow our reporters on Twitter: 

After The Elections, Class War

Subscribe to Sipho’s Weekly Political Newsletter. There are plans afoot to destroy what is left of organised labour in South Africa, to prepare the way for brutal austerity policies, in the name of ‘attracting investors’, or

The IFP Wants KZN Back

“IFP is the only other political party that has governed the province for over 10 years since 1994 to 2004, we also ran the very successful administration of KwaZulu for many years and we remain one of the parties which govern over 12

Politics Goes To Church

Subscribe to Sipho’s Weekly Political Newsletter. More political parties will contest the 2019 national elections than ever before - 48, to be exact. Amongst the crop of hopefuls are a number of explicitly Christian parties. Or perhaps…