The battle against outsourcing continues at Tuks and Unisa

The University of Pretoria remains shut down by protests demanding the insourcing of workers at the university. MISHKA WAZAR rounds up the latest from Pretoria.

Workers at the University of Pretoria (Tuks) and Unisa are continuing their protests against outsourcing and poor pay. This follows on the heels of similar protests against outsourcing that took place at Wits, UCT and UJ late last year.

Speaking to the SABC on Sunday, Tuks’ #OutsourcingMustFall member Mametlwe Sebei said thousands of contract workers are still labouring under what he calls the exploitation of labour brokering.

“We are demanding that outsourcing must be immediately brought to an end. We are also demanding a minimum wage of R10 000 for every worker a month. The workers are actually saying we want to break with the system of the cheap labour wages. All forms of brutal exploitation that we have seen and we want a share in better life which until now has been enjoyed by a tiny elite at the top of our society.”

Last week, students at Tuks and Unisa joined workers in a protest against outsourcing as registration for first-year students commenced. Tuks responded by obtaining a court interdict against protestors and no students have been allowed access onto the campus since then. There is a visible police presence at the entrance of the campus.

Registration has not been allowed to take place on the Tuks campus, although online registration is open and many students are being encouraged to use that facility.

Sade Lagerdien, who is set to study a BA this year said, “Hopefully if there isn’t anything happening next week, registration can take place. I don’t think that the protests can wait but there could be better ways to demonstrate demands. The fact that the Welcome Day was ‘taken away’ from us is disappointing because it was supposed to help us integrate.”

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons