The Brazilian who thinks white South Africans should get asylum in the EU because ethnic cleansing


More than 25,000 people have supported a petition for the European Union to allow white South Africans citizenship in Europe, because white people could die from ethnic cleansing in South Africa at any moment. Shem.

The man who started the petition is Rodrigo de Campos – who is based in Brazil, but concerned for the well-being of white people in South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe. In an unforeseen twist it seems the white saviour complex has now fallen to a Latino looking to save white people.

“Many white South Africans today live in poverty and squalor as a consequence of the ANC governmentâ€s Black Economic Empowerment,” de Campos said his petition, which alleged that more than 4,000 white farmers had been slain in the country, a claim that has been thoroughly debunked by Africa Check.

De Campos – who blames the Economic Freedom Fighters, the African National Congress and mysterious “individual anti-white aggressors” for the alleged deadly circumstances white South Africans find themselves in – wrote that his philosophy to return white people to their European motherlands was inspired by Israelâ€s policy to allow Jewish people the right of return to Israel.

“We believe it is not only advisable, but morally obligatory that Europe should allow all white South Africans the right to return,” de Campos said.

De Campos has yet to say if white South Africans will build a walled off buffer zone to separate Europeans from South Africans, and implement laws to ensure Europeans carry pass books when entering South African-occupied territory.

As xenophobia against black immigrants in South Africa continues and European nations baulk at African migrants seeking refuge on their shores, it remains to be seen how white South African seeking to “return” to the EU would be welcomed.

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  1. The real Right Wing Whites will never leave this country, they will fight till the last drop of blood. The people who wants to go are those who are sick and tired of the reverse apartheid and snides they have to suffer every day, and the real genocide. The lying about the number of farmers that have been murdered just because they are whitr, the ungraciousness of the black Africans in the way they handled their so called “victory”. Their meannes made them the real losers.

    • Persecuted like the Rohingya, floating aimlessly on makeshift rafts, starved, dehydrated, beaten, traded as slaves or trafficked and on death’s door. That’s not white South Africans. Fact is none of them are that desperate because they still live comfortable lives, more comfortable than the Syrians, Rohingya, Yazidi etc. If they want to leave, let them. They complain about unemployment yet I’ve never seen a white domestic worker or street sweeper, they moan about affirmative action and how competent white people are constantly overlooked and yet somehow their community has unemployment rate of only +/- 7%. Funny because they propagate and perpetuate this myth that AA has left white people without a livelihood. Research unemployment rates amongst minorities in Britain, America, Australia. They ( white South Africans) fare similarly to if not better than some majorities in first world countries. If AA was as effective as they incorrectly claim at excluding white people, unemployment rate amongst white South Africans would be as high as 80% or 90% and unemployment in black, coloured and Indian communities would be almost non existent or equal to majorities in other developing countries. Crime is another hot button issue.”white genocide ” they shout. Evidently only white lives matter. Certainly not those of poor white people in oppressive, ex Commy nations like Bulgaria. Black people are raped and murdered. But murders in Langa, Yanga or Diepsloot don’t fit into the narrative of the endangered white, being hunted by the brutal savage native so they are overlooked. If they would prefer that In the likelihod that they are stabbed or raped, (that) their perpetrators belong to the polaks and gypsies/Romanian nations let them go to Britain. It’s juxtaposition after juxtaposition with these folks, fascinated by the mob/ mafia run by the Portuguese, Lebanese, Italians, Greeks and Czechs who kill, steal and traffic drugs and prostitutes Here in South Africa but absolutely disgusted by black criminals. Corruption is another issue. South African government is so corrupt, yeah they should know they’ve supported racist, human rights violators, oppressors, colonialists and corrupt governments one after another for almost three hundred years pre 1994. Cue denial rhetoric in 5, 4, 3, ” I never voted for the Afrikaner or British colonial rule” obviously someone did, sure as hell wasn’t my kind, we weren’t given the vote or electricity or much of anything really, but let’s complain about that darn Eskom and those power outages. ” we never experienced power outages during apartheid” well of course not, must have been because my kind were using candle light. Seriously let them go.

  2. Fellow Safricans, you are political idiots. This petition is about what will happen to this country if 3-4 million whites suddenly go away. No house, farm or business would be worth a cent. Total economic meltdown. Let m assure you that specially Brittain became the richest country in the world by exploiting our country for centuries. They secretly held Apartheid in place, while publically condemning us, still riding the high financial wave all the way. The government do not want their whipping dogs gone, because their will be no political party left with any substance at all. We are giving them their political power!

  3. If we look at the very history of Africa why would S.Africa be any different?
    White Zimbabweans was also thinking ethnic cleansing or white genocide was ridicules right up to the point Robert Mugabe chased them out the country. Zimbabwe was reduced from almost 300 000 white people to 30 000 white people today, where is the exaggeration, where are he people that said it wont happen?

    They are threatening or in the process to remove white history from S.Africa by removing the statues, we have seen this all over the world the moment something like this happen, genocide follows.

    The majority of blacks in S.Africa are from poverty and they all want something now, look at the leader of the EFF that JUST want 51% of businesses and land without the compensation to the owner his reason for this, black people cant afford it otherwise.

    The white man is going to pay for this all round as they think it immoral to take from their own rich black brothers.

    Black Economic Empowerment is an undercover word to take everything from the white person by force without compensating people for it and to give to black people.

    When did murdering and theft become socially acceptable? White people did not steal land from the blacks, they were given land from Dingaan king of Zulus for services rendered, also right up to the time he betrayed the white man and killed closed to 500 at one time. Read the Pet Retief story and Dingaan king of Zulus.

    It is socially acceptable to kill people these days and to take from them without compensating, otherwise known as stealing. Perhaps one could say it is acceptable to take land d back as the government so pleases, what about BEE, theft in the business sector of S.Africa, intimidation to organizations if they don’t employ up to 51% black people they would be penalized.

    Since government is doing it in the open it is acceptable in society?


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