The Brazilian who thinks white South Africans should get asylum in the EU because ethnic cleansing

More than 25,000 people have supported a petition for the European Union to allow white South Africans citizenship in Europe, because white people could die from ethnic cleansing in South Africa at any moment. Shem.

The man who started the petition is Rodrigo de Campos – who is based in Brazil, but concerned for the well-being of white people in South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe. In an unforeseen twist it seems the white saviour complex has now fallen to a Latino looking to save white people.

“Many white South Africans today live in poverty and squalor as a consequence of the ANC government’s Black Economic Empowerment,” de Campos said his petition, which alleged that more than 4,000 white farmers had been slain in the country, a claim that has been thoroughly debunked by Africa Check.

De Campos – who blames the Economic Freedom Fighters, the African National Congress and mysterious “individual anti-white aggressors” for the alleged deadly circumstances white South Africans find themselves in – wrote that his philosophy to return white people to their European motherlands was inspired by Israel’s policy to allow Jewish people the right of return to Israel.

“We believe it is not only advisable, but morally obligatory that Europe should allow all white South Africans the right to return,” de Campos said.

De Campos has yet to say if white South Africans will build a walled off buffer zone to separate Europeans from South Africans, and implement laws to ensure Europeans carry pass books when entering South African-occupied territory.

As xenophobia against black immigrants in South Africa continues and European nations baulk at African migrants seeking refuge on their shores, it remains to be seen how white South African seeking to “return” to the EU would be welcomed.

– Featured image: Via Olle Svensson on Flickr