The Daily Show’s newest writer: who is David Kibuuka?

On Thursday, Comedy Central announced that local comedian David Kibuuka will be joining The Daily Show as a staff writer. The 34-year-old comedian will be joining local boy made good Trevor Noah, who takes over from Jon Stewart as host of the show on 28 September. 

Kibuuka, who hails from Uganda, is popularly known for his regular feature on the Emmy-nominated Loyisa Gola’s Late Night News, a satirical news show, where he is acts as an international correspondent. His role is based on making fun of South Africa and its politics from an outsider’s point of view while using his wit to criticise some of the stereotypes that many people usually have about the country.

Watch Kibuuka on LNN: 

Kibuuka’s family settled in South Africa after fleeing Idi Amin’s dictatorial regime in Uganda. To say it isn’t easy being an African foreign national in South Africa is an understatement, but Kibuuka makes good use of his Ugandan roots in his skits drawing attention to just how xenophobic South Africa can be.


When Comedy Central announced that Noah would be taking over The Daily Show, some people went digging into his old tweets where they found tweets offensive towards Jews and women.

Kibuuka’s style of comedy also often uses stereotyping and sexism. As a writer working behind the scenes, he has not been cast in the limelight as Noah has, but we wonder how long it’ll be before the Twitterati start digging through his tweets as well.

– Featured image by Andre-Pierre du Plessis, via Flickr.