Watch: The Daily Vox hangout – #thedress, the advert and domestic violence

hangoutLast week a Salvation Army advert  that hijacked #thedress to bring attention to domestic violence went viral globally. “Why is it so hard to see black and blue? The only illusion is if you think it is her choice,” read the caption, playing on the optical illusion created by that infamous dress.

The campaign, produced by agency Ireland/Davenport, received overwhelmingly positive feedback. However, some critics suggested the advert trivialised the serious issue of domestic abuse by linking it to a meme.

Today at noon The Daily Vox managing editor Faranaaz Parker will be chatting with Carin Holme from The Salvation Army and Wihan Meerholtz from Ireland/Davenport about how they came up with the campaign, what their response is to criticism of the advert and – most importantly – how to convert the awareness generated by millions of eyeballs into effective, real-world action.

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Don’t forget to return to this page at 12 noon SA time (10am GMT) to watch the live video of the hangout. 

All images: via the Salvation Army Twitter feed.