The K-pop files: Bling Bling on the release of their new album

K-pop is ruling the music charts. From the amazing album production to the perfect dance moves and all-round great performance, the K-pop industry has a little bit of everything for everyone. The Daily Vox chatted to rookie group Bling Bling after the release of their new album. 

Bling Bling are a six-member group under Major9. In May, they released their first mini-album ‘CONTRAST’ with the title track “Oh MAMA”. The group consisting of Cha Ju Hyun,

Yubin, Marin, Choi Ji Eun, Ayamy, Narin made their debut in November 2020 with ‘G.G.B’. Now they are back to showcase their unique sound and electric performances. 

Here is a special message from the group for their South African fans:

Check out the music video for Oh MAMA here: 

And their performance video:

How does it feel to be coming out with your first mini album?

We came back after 5 months with a mini album. We are so happy and excited to show our music and performance to our fans! 

What is the feeling of releasing this album following your debut single? 

Our first physical album was released so it felt different. We are pleased to be able to show an upgraded version to our fans. 

What was the process of creating this album like?

Usually after the song has been decided, we record the song and practice the dance, shoot pictures for the album and film the music video. And to show more sides to our fans, we also film various contents. 

What can fans expect from the album? 

Please look forward to our stages. The dance move with our fingers as well as the parts where we are using the skirts are cool so please check it out.


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What is the message of this album? 

Like the title of this album <CONTRAST>, we will show our contrasted (various) sides. Please look forward to our cool and chic side as well as our lovely side. 

What are some of your favourite songs from the album?

We like the title song ‘Oh MAMA’ the best. The chorus is addictive so we can constantly listen to it. 

What was it like working with Yubin Hwang on the title track?

She wrote the lyrics for the little song ‘Oh MAMA’ and the side track ‘Milkshake’. We are grateful she wrote nice lyrics for us. 

How would you describe this album and sound? 

It is an electronic pop style song with an addictive chorus and a flawless urban beat.

What message would you like to send to your fans around the world? 

Fans around the world who are supporting us! 

We are always thankful. We hope we will soon be able to meet face to face. Please wait a little longer until that day comes. Thank you so much!






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