The List: Help for businesses and communities affected by unrest

With the protests and looting in KZN and Gauteng, many businesses have been affected. There are vulnerable people left with little to no access to food or necessities. Here’s how communities and organisations are helping those affected by the protests, looting, and civil unrest.

PayTheGrants campaign

The PayTheGrants campaign has put together a useful resource and information working document. The document has information on where to go for help and also where to donate time/services/goods/money to those who need it. The full list can be found here.

Rebuild SA is a Facebook group where volunteers come together to help businesses affected by the riots, looting, and civil unrest. Rebuild SA connects affected businesses with volunteers.

People have also come forward with offers for donations for those who may be in need of essentials as shops remain closed until further notice. Others have formed WhatsApp groups to better organise themselves in their immediate surroundings.

If your business was affected and you’re in need of help, fill in this form. If you’d like to volunteer, please fill in this form.

Monique on Twitter has shared a crowd source map of looted and open stores with a quick tweetorial: Here’s the link if you want to add open or closed stores.

Devi Pillay and her fiancé Chris have built a tracker for incidents of looting, violence, or unrest. They are manually uploading data from verified sources to provide a useful high-level view for analysis and research. You can find it here

Chris recently launched PolicyLab, which is a free-to-use policy data analytics platform. There’s also an alternative link if you are struggling to access the tracker.

The South African National Taxi Council (Santaco) have been working to protect malls and businesses in affected provinces. They are also assisting with the clean-up in many of the affected areas. 

If your clinics and hospitals have been affected, send a direct message to Triad Trust or Where To Care on Instagram. They’re updating information on their map of public & private  #SHRH & #SGBV services.

This piece will be updated if more initiatives become available. 

Featured image via Pixabay