The Weekly Dissident: Extracts from Notebook of a Vagabond

Canto 6
the man with the black beret
bellowed with the trombone
‘freedom for some is not freedom for all’
behold african jazz man
flowers of no nation
our daughters the sushi containers
cutlery for the nation’s
fathers of innovation
trophy bodies on display
ego-boost for impotent
tycoon maniacs tucking in ominous fingers
floppy pricks substituted
with the black power fist
listen attentively to the cry
for public ownership
of the means of production
& read reproduction on perverts’ lips
enroll at the people’s university
of orlando west’s streets of real-life praxis
& hear fanon’s child caution:
with the state in private hands
& the squeeze of capital
on each and every sector
beware of the pubic enterprise
aaahm…sorry man, meant to say
the public sextar