Think journalism needs you? Tell Future News why [Competition]

Are you trying to get a head start in journalism? Stretch your writing muscles and you could stand the change to attend Future News, a three-day event hosted in Edinburgh, Scotland, that brings together more than 100 media hopefuls from across the world to learn from experts in the field.

Winners will represent South Africa at the Future News Conference at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, taking place on 4 to 6 September 2015. They will spend the weekend at the Scottish Parliament participating in a mixture of talks and workshops with professional journalists who will share their experiences and expertise, covering a range of topics and enjoy master-classes from some of the worlds leading journalists.

To enter the competition, students and journalism hopefuls (aged 18 to 25) need to write 500 words on “Why journalism needs me” and submit it to Facebook the competition tab.

Competition closes on Tuesday, 28 July.

Due to the short preparation time, applicants are required to have a valid passport and ability to travel to the UK.

Future News 2015 is supported by the British Council, international media company Reuters, the main British university journalism schools along with a large partnership of international and British media organisations.

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