Thoughts we had while watching BTS Life Goes On

On Friday morning, Korean superstars BTS released their much anticipated album BE along with the title track music video, Life Goes On. With this album members RM, Jin, Suga, j-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook were involved in the writing, producing, directing and general creation of the album and music video. Jungkook directed the music video. The Daily Vox’s Ling Shepherd and Kelly Mutizira decided to react to the video along with resident ARMY, Fatima Moosa.

Ling and Kelly have obviously heard of BTS. But this is their first time reacting to a music video. Here are some of their thoughts along with commentary from Fatima. 


If you’ve seen pictures of BTS walking around, most likely, at least one of them will be wearing a face mask. There’s a few possible reasons why BTS wears face masks. The first, of course, is privacy, the second is for health reasons and the third reason, and probably the least important reason, is fashion. As the coronavirus pandemic continues, I love how BTS embraced the face mask at the beginning of their music video. With a massive following on a global scale, BTS are surely leading by example. 


From dapper looks to matching jumpsuits, BTS look fine all the time! BTS are a great source of style inspiration, in that each member has his own personal fashion aesthetic. Though they look amazing as a group with their fashion statement, each member definitely brings different colors. After watching the video, I’m definitely investing in new pajamas and recreating BTS outfits.


Life Goes on by BTS makes me feel so much better for living in pajamas since March 2020. It has been years and I still want to know Jungkook’s skin routine please. It is now of utmost importance since the pandemic has really gotten us into self-care days and such. Seeing the mask wearing, and the shots of a concert stadium is so cathartic really. Life Goes On sums up 2020 for us. We have all had to adapt and learn to live with the pandemic. BTS are no strangers to mobilising social movements, inspiring their fans to do the right thing. So seeing this music video this morning truly sums up our lives now. I picked up a longing for life before the pandemic, but also how resilient we all can be. The comeback is so relatable. We just had to get up one morning, look out the window, and keep life moving. 


It’s been tough for everyone around the world. The coronavirus pandemic has had a severe impact on many people around the world. We know that not everyone has been experiencing the pandemic in the same way. But Life Goes On was so refreshing because it felt like BTS was speaking to us. I mean that is part of the charm of being ARMY: BTS feel like friends. From being forced to stay at home, wearing masks and having to find new hobbies, BTS shows all of that in the video.

And I had to stop myself from crying at when Suga raps “Let me tell you with this song People say the world has changed. Mh-hm-hm-hm. But thankfully between you and me. Nothing has changed.” We know the world has changed and normal doesn’t exist as we know it. But BTS are telling ARMY and the world that we can always find a place and a home with them and that’s just beautiful. More than just about BTS, the message of the song is the resilience of people to go on despite the tough times.  

Life might not be the same ever again for many of us but all we can do is keep on going and hope that life will go on. Thank you BTS for the purest form of comfort and joy. 

Brb we are going to be listening to Life Goes On and the rest of BE for the next while. 

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