Three reasons why Uzalo fans can’t let go of Gxabhashe

Fans of the SABC telenovela Uzalo are losing their minds over the recent death of villain Gxabhashe – some have even vowed not to watch the show again until Gxabhashe returns. But why is everyone rooting for the baddie? LIZEKA MADUNA gives us three reasons why viewers want Gxabhashe back.

1. He may be evil but he cares about his family
Gxabhashe may be a cruel and notorious gangster but he is also a warm-hearted family man who would do anything to protect his family. Any man that is gentle and tender to his family, is loved regardless of his dirty deeds. Just look at the Godfather.

2. He fits the bad-boy trope
It may not be very feminist, but many women still inexplicably swoon over bad boys. How else do you explain the female fascination with the aforementioned Godfather, Michael Corleone, and 50 Shades’ sadomasochist Christian Grey? Gxabhashe is good-looking (some viewers have called actor Mhumelelo Bhulose South Africa’s Idris Elba), swears he runs a legitimate business, and is also tender towards his family. The crush was inevitable.

3. He’s a striver

Gxabhashe’s kasi lifestyle is irresistible. He’s not a common thug but rather one of those criminals in a suit and tie who has managed to build a better life for himself and his family. He finds others to do his dirty work, and knows how to play his cards so that he’s never implicated in wrongdoing, to the point that characters on the show – and viewers too – tend to forget about his bad side.

– Featured image via the Uzalo Facebook page