It’s time for a “Me Too” campaign for men

Tsipi Erann says she wants to see a “me too” campaign by men.

“Me too – I pressured a woman into sex when she first said no”
“Me too – I catcalled a girl walking down the street”
“Me too – I stuck my tongue down her throat even though she made no indication she was into it”
“Me too – I touch women a lot, but it’s just friendly, amirite?”
“Me too – I was a ‘clumsily inept’ teenager who made ‘bad passes’ and now there are any number of women who have *that* memory from their youth”
“Me too – I got her drunk with the intent of getting her into bed”
“Me too – I lied to or manipulated women in order to get laid”
“Me too – I had sex with someone too inebriated to give consent”

and even –

“Me too – I went bragging about it to my friends, and then we all slutshamed her”
“Me too – I have called women bitches, slags, hoes, sluts, ‘mattresses’, or any other demeaning name based on sexuality”
“Me too – I have shamed women for their body shape or physical attributes”
“Me too – I have expressed the opinion that if women dressed differently, weren’t so loose, or took better safety precautions they wouldn’t have been raped or harassed”
“Me too – I have been part of “boy culture” in which girls are targets to be gotten”
“Me too – rape jokes are funny! Get a sense of humour”

Anyway, the list is potentially infinite. So I expect to see a really active campaign… What, no? Cuz I dunno, women have been saying “me too” for a really long time now, and we still get “but it isn’t most men”.

Tsipi Erann is a queer, vegan, intersectional feminist activist from Israel/Occupied Palestine. Activities she has spearheaded include the Tel Aviv SlutWalk and WikiWomen TLV, with the aim to close the gender gap in Wikipedia.

This post originally appeared on Facebook and is republished with permission

Featured image via Flickr