Top of the Vox: #RhodesHasFallen!

    “The most sickening element of this violence is the ignorance shown by the xenophobes. Not all of us come to South Africa because we are poor in our own countries. I love my home country, DRC, and I lived a comfortable life there until the political wars. I came to South Africa looking for peace; clearly, I chose the wrong country.”

      Foreign nationals in Isipingo, just outside of Durban, spent the Easter weekend in makeshift camp after being chased out of their homes last week. Qiniso Mbili captured the heart-wrenching stories of people who have come to SA to make a better life for themselves – only to lose everything.

      Must-read, this week
      #RhodesHasFallen! After a month of protests, the statue of Cecil John Rhodes was finally removed from the UCT campus yesterday evening. If you missed this historic moment, Ra’eesa Pather was there to capture it on film. It is yet to be decided, but seems the controversial statue will be serving time in a museum. Meanwhile, statues across the country have been vandalised, leaving the Rhodes Must Fall movement’s broader message of transformation in danger of being swept away by a populist tide with a focus on symbolic victories, rather than effecting institutional change.

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      We’ve got to admit, beauty pageants aren’t our fave, but Miss SA 2015, Liesl Laurie, won us over – to her causes, at least – during her hangout with The Daily Vox yesterday. A beauty queen who was commited to charity work before she won her title? Yes please!

      Kruger must stay: Steve Hofmey’s cry for help

      EFF Kruger

      Weekend special
      Ever visit Market on Main at the Maboneng Precinct on a Sunday morning? Ever wonder about the effect of gentrification on inner-city communities? Pontsho Pilane and Fatima Moosa spoke to Maboneng patrons to find out their take on South Africa’s prevailing inequality.

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      – Featured image: By Safiyyah Patel.