Top of the Vox: Chatsworth Camp closes, kind of

    “The government is taking a gamble with foreign lives as it cannot totally guarantee our safety in the community… I am still scared of the community; I am still young, and I have so much to do before I die.”
    Congolese refugee Mike Kachima, 24, spoke to Qiniso Mbili about his anger and fear at having to leave Chatsworth displaced persons camp, which was officially closed on Tuesday. Kachima was a victim of the recent xenophobic attacks, and he is unwilling to return to his community in Isipingo; it says a lot about his predicament that he is thinking about going home to the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo instead.

    Must-read, this week
    Just because xenophobia is no longer all over the front pages doesn’t mean it’s disappeared from real life. Tendai Marima investigates why some Zimbabweans looking to make a better life for themselves still see hopping the border – or even braving the crocodile-infested Limpopo – as the best option and Ra’eesa Pather reports on the how the closure of the Cape Town Refugee Reception Office has affected refugees in the Mother City. 

    Don’t miss
    So, it’s been just more than a week since President Jacob Zuma released the findings of the Farlam Comission Inquiry into Marikana. We know you meant to read the entire report, but 600+ pages is a bit of a time suck. Luckily, journalist Richard Stupart did it for you – with commentary. Aaisha Dadi Patel chatted to him about the caffeine-fueled undertaking.

    Toon of the week: 
    No electricity hikes for now… but that means more load shedding


    Weekend special
    Earlier this week, seven lions flew from South Africa all the way to Rwanda, where they’ll find a new home at Akagera National Park. Firdaus Khan visited the big cats while they were in transit at OR Tambo, and found out more about this African conservation effort.

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    – Featured image: By Safiyyah Patel.