Top of the Vox: Everything you need to know about the Marikana report

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    “I feel like I am a sub-human being. My own country doesn’t want me, the South African community does not want me and this camp is being closed. I am prepared to fight for my right to be here when Tuesday comes.”
    Chatsworth, the last of the camps for displaced foreign nationals affected by xenophobic violence is set to close on Tuesday. Qiniso Mbili spoke to refugees from the DRC and Burundi who have nowhere else to go.

    Must-read, this week
    Yesterday evening, President Jacob Zuma finally released the long-awaited Marikana report, which exonerated the executive (most specifically, deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa) and pointed the finger of blame squarely at the SAPS. We rounded up everything you need to know; and you can read the full text of Zuma’s speech here. Also, keep an eye on our site for more coverage on the report over the course of today.

    Don’t miss
    Despite widespread criticism, Operation Fiela continues and last weekend it was the turn of traders at Cape Town’s Station Deck to face the shock and awe tactics of the SAPS, SANDF, traffic offices, metro police, brand specialists, and immigration offices. Ra’eesa Pather paid a visit there this week to find out what went down.

    Toon of the week: MPs’ Nkandla inspection: have they packed their swimsuits?

    Nkandla inspex

    Weekend special
    Last week, Cape Town blogger Zahrah Perry, who runs The Perry Book fashion blog, caused quite a stir with a post that pointed fingers at judgey Muslims – ironically, while doing a fair bit of judging itself. If you missed it, Ra’eesa Pather brings you the wrap. On a lighter note, Aaisha Dadi Patel chronicles the 12 struggles of Muslim girls in Ramadaan.


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