Top of the Vox: Foreign nationals repatriated

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    “I have a loving girlfriend – she’s South African – and two children. Ever since I told her I would be going back home she has been crying during every phone call. She wants me to go back to Malawi because she doesn’t want the locals to kill me, but she is also sad that I have to go away from her and the children.”
    Thousands of foreign nationals have been repatriated to Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe following the recent xenophobic attacks. Qiniso Mbili spoke to people waiting to get on a bus about their mixed feelings on leaving South Africa.

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    Abdi Kader Shukri will never walk again, after being shot at his shop in Gugulethu in 2012. Since then, his aim has been to provide a voice for Somalis with disabilities in South Africa. Ra’eesa Pather found out about the challenges he faces – and how he’s keeping focused on his goal.

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    Winter seems to have come early this year, along with its attendant ills, including shack fires. About 200 residents of the Daniel Nkanti informal settlement, near Strand, lost everything on Wednesday morning when their homes burned down. The pictures show the extent of the devastation, as people who had little enough to begin with were left with nothing.

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    We know catfishing can be mean. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be funny – especially when the victim needs bringing down a peg or two. Aaisha Dadi Patel shows that nothing’s quite what it seems in the world of WhatsApp flirting.

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    Usually we report the news, so it’s a bit of a novelty to be on the other side of equation. Gill Moodie spoke to executive editor Khadija Patel and managing editor Faranaaz Parker about our website, our goals and, of course, our biggest asset – our young reporters.

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