Top of the Vox: Lesotho crisis 101

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    “After this, I don’t want anything to do with alcohol. I won’t go back to Osi’s Place… Tavern owners only want money – they don’t care how old you are. It’s not difficult for young people to get inside taverns without ID. They don’t care about rules, or our lives, and because of that, my friend is no more.”
    A 17-year-old girl opened up to Ra’eesa Pather about being trapped in the stampede at Osi’s Place tavern earlier this month. In light of this tragedy, Pather also investigated the lack of entertainment options for teenagers in Khayelitsha.

    Must-read, this week
    Readers, we’d like to introduce you our new columnist, Dr Thomas Gray, who’ll be sharing his perspective on the public health system with us. That’s not his real name, obvs – but if he told you, he’d have to kill you, and that would be unethical. This week, Dr Gray takes a look at the media coverage around the death of a young man after he was turned away from two hospitals last weekend – and points out that medical professionals are being scapegoated, while more complex, systemic variables aren’t being taken into account – or for that matter, being held to account.

    Don’t miss
    You may be aware that there’s a political crisis going down in Lesotho (for international readers, that’s the tiny country nestled within South Africa). A failed coup, alleged assassinations, and an opposition that’s been calling for countrywide strikes, all point to huge turmoil, but what exactly is going on? The Daily Vox Team has it covered – check out our explainer on why Lesotho hit breaking point.

    Toon of the week: Dr Huxtable and Mr Cosby

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    Ed’s note: Our cartoonist, Nathi Ngubane, is taking a well-deserved break this week, so we included a slightly older toon that still hits the mark.

    Weekend special
    It’s Eid tomorrow – or today, depending where you are in the world – and we’d like to wish our Muslim readers Eid Mubarak. During the month-long fast, it’s been enlightening to find out about different practices around the world. Rifat Mohidinshared what Ramadaan is like in Kashmir, and also spoke to a Sahar Khan (the drummers who wake people up for the pre-dawn meal) to find out more about this dying tradition.

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