Top of the Vox: #RhodesWillFall, but what next?

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    “My mother has been in trauma since the last floods, although we have been consoling her all this time. But today I too felt weak: I had no words of comfort for my mother. We might be able to rebuild our lives once after the devastation; I don’t think we can do it twice.”

      Less than eight months after floods wrought havoc in Kashmir, the punishing rains have returned. Rifat Mohidin writes about the physical and emotional toll the watery devastation is exacting on her family.

      Must-read, this week
      #RhodesMustFall movement has achieved its initial demand, with the UCT Council all but certain to vote for *that* statue’s removal on Tuesday. But what then? Will a leaderless movement be sustainable? Does UCT need a TRC? What would Martin Luther King Jr do? Why do some UCT students support the removal of the statue, but not the broader movement? And do students seriously want to replace the statue with one of Zayn from One Direction? If you’re still unsure what all the fuss is about, this cracking opinion piece by Wanelisa Xaba should give you a clue. PS – If you didn’t realise, #TransformWits is also a thing now.

      Don’t miss
      The Al-Shabaab attack on Garissa University College in Kenya yesterday shocked us all. Currently 147 people – most of them students – have been killed. Most sobering is that this isn’t the first time the university town has been attacked by East Africa’s resident Islamic militants.

      Five 1 April jokes that had us fooled (almost)

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      Weekend special 
      For the first few hours after the announcement that Trevor Noah would replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, it was exhilarating to be a South African. Then the haters got hating, and it became April Fools’ fodder. We’re reserving judgement until Trevor’s first show as host later this year.

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