#TOW2016 Day 5: The Book and Intersectionality

The Time of the Writer Festival is coming to a close today, and The Daily Vox team will be covering it all as conversations around decolonising the book are brought full circle.

saturday programme



After the crowd split into groups to discuss concepts more in-depth, there are robust report-backs.

Some groups say that the concept of intersectionality is a difficult one to narrow down.

And Milisuthando Bongela says girls have many different ways of describing themselves.

A man in another group says that a black man with a Masters degree is afforded the same respect as a white boy in grade 8.


11:30 Lebo Mashile defines intersectionality as the concept that all struggles are linked to one another. Panellist Milisuthando Bongela says that intersectionality also lies in the realm of language, and is a powerful way of stripping things of power. The conversations are robust, and the panellists have plenty to say around how constructed terms cannot be used to define them.

11:15 We’re all set to kick off the panel on The Book and Intersectionality at Qashana Khuzwayo Library this morning, set to be moderated by Lebo Mashile.

11:00 Anny Groudin and Sully Andoche of the Alliance Francaise continue telling Mam’ Gcina’s story – in French!

10:00 First up this morning, the Alliance Francaise has a children’s programme on!

Featuring a host of women including the legendary Mam’ Gcina Mhlope, the Children’s Storytelling Matinee is enthralling young readers with tales from African folklore.

And there is no one who can doubt the incredible storytelling abilities of Mam’ Gcina.

Hearing monster stories is always a treat for any child – and indigenous monster stories are as thrilling as they come.