Trevor Noah’s “family curse” no laughing matter

    Trevor Noah family death [full size]

    The Sunday Times this week carried a front page story about the brutal murder of comedian Trevor Noah’s 24-year-old cousin in KwaZulu-Natal and quoted his granny as having said that: “The family is cursed.”

    Well, we should say alleged murder or, possibly, alleged cousin because the whole affair left the Noahs counting their number and asking who had died.

    The comedian tweeted that: “Thanks to some crafty journalism my family and I have spent the whole day trying to figure out which one of us died #awkward” and his granny Nomalizo told News24 that the media was “creating stories out of nowhere” and, “We ourselves don’t know that person.”

    Sunday Times editor Phylicia Oppelt said the paper still stood by the story, so how all of this came to pass is anyone’s guess. Though, if you ask us, this is what happens when the Sunday Times goes all Daily Sun on the country.