They Beat Us up Because We Disturbed Their Rugby Game

On Monday afternoon a group of protesters allegedly interrupted a rugby game at the University of Free State in a bid to draw attention to the plight of outsourced cleaners at the university. Rugby players and supporters went on to assault the protesters, resulting in clashes that later spread to the hostels and lasted all evening. According to witnesses, black students were specifically targeted under the watchful gaze of security and later the police. ANGELICO VANTO, a second year student in Corporate Marketing at UFS, spoke to The Daily Vox.

I was in my residence when the trouble started. I wasn’t at the rugby match. I have seen the video, but I can’t tell you details of what happened there. All I know is that it started at the rugby, and then moved to the SRC buildings. The police were at the building and people heard gun shots and windows breaking. Then the commotion reached the hostels area and that’s when I went down.

They [the police and the white students] were specifically targeting black students. The students threw stones at the protesters from their windows and when the black students retaliated, the police shot rubber bullets.

One of my friends was shot in the face with a rubber bullet. I was shocked at what I saw. I saw a police officer throw a girl to the floor. I saw three guys beat up a friend of mine in front of me – kicking him on the floor.

The black students were being punished for defending themselves. You know, people talk about the racism here. I have white friends. And I didn’t think it was so bad, until today when I saw that white students actually beat up black students for protesting and interrupting a rugby match. I saw a white man throw a black woman to the ground.

The SRC says they are going to protest tomorrow at 7am. I think I will go, but I am not sure.
I wouldn’t say that I am scared right now.But let’s just say that I am going to stay indoors because I would rather not go out. You never know what could happen.


And about Jonathan Jansen (vice-chancellor) we tried to get hold of him. But we didn’t get through to him. We were told things were under control but I don’t think they are. You could say many students are very unhappy with him right now.

It is really sad that we have to go through this after our parents and grandparents fought for freedom. People think racism doesn’t exist, or that it they can hide it under the rug. But it exists as we have seen.

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  1. Great! Just great. Now you only publish half of the story. No interview with any of the white students or the police. Only the on-sided opinion of one black student.

  2. These protesters went to the rugby match to target whites peacefully going about their own business with the specific aim of inciting retaliation and an incident. What were they doing at the rugby match. Do not make them the innocent victims. That is hypocritical and dishonesty of the worst degree

  3. The black students were there fighring in behalf of people who can’t fully voice their frustration with an unfair system. This means they are helping their fellow man, an honorable gesture at any rate. This isn’t a comfortable situation for them to be in, it’s effort. The white students missed out on a rugby match, or part there of. They didn’t even know what the black students were there for, they just reacted. So people missing out on a silly little game got upset with others fighting for a fellow citizen’s rights, and turned to violence. Whether its because of face or not, this is shameful by any standard. It’s days like this I wonder how we as a species ever managed to evolve. I expected more of the youth of today. “Educated” youth.

    • Those black students went there looking for trouble! And the violence was sparked by a black student hitting a woman in the face. I’m really tired of the black victim mentality. A lot of those black students have rich parents but they ride on the back of black suffering. Bunch of idiot thugs!

    • The student protests in general have resulted in the burning of busses and paintings, the destruction of buildings, and the defecation of statues. In every “protest” they incite violence, and then blame the police and white people -as if the two were one in the same- when action is taken against them. They were not at the game to protest the outsourcing of cleaners, that is nothing more than a poor excuse. They were there to incite violence so they could further promote the racial hatred of white people. Just as the writer of this article is doing. The protestors, not the internet warriors such as Francois(above), are nothing more than a bunch of vehement racists. They want nothing more than to, as they have so crudely mentioned, “burn whiteness.” The South Africans defending the “peaceful” and “innocent” protestors that wear shirts saying “fuck white people” are nothing more than a bunch of ignorant idiots. Yes, now I’m looking at you Francois.

  4. obviously you will be beaten up if you disturb a rugby game. don’t you have manners? for the record: was this an all-white rugby game?

  5. Reading all these comments is quite funny, especially for educated people as yourselves besides Francois who is spot on! How did they disturb the game ? Did they walk into the field? So all whites across the country feel the same way , what rubbish is that , nobody said that everyone agreed to what the black students are doing , but they didn’t go Ina rampage and beat up white students? all your white people who attacked a group of black students are cowards? Don’t play the victim to something you did because you cannot deal with what is happening? Enroy it’s all about white people now, you idiot, I’m not white or black, I am South African , you piece of shit? I would like to see what the SAPS do about this incident cause the video taken doesn’t lie, and you can see the culprits beating up female black students? What a disgrace?

  6. It makes no difference if you are black or white, protesting in this manor, it is just plane shit stiring. You were not attcked because you were black, you were attcked because you were protesting in a pretty dumb place. just like if you protest in the middle of the road. You won’t get run down by car because you are black, you are just protesting in a stupid place. If you are protesting at a rugy match about how cleaners are employed, like the rugby guys give a shit. These dumb employment laws were brought in by the ANC. Yet they keep getting voted in – suckers!

  7. So according you all ,does this mean you solve everything with violence, if someone disturbs a rugby match deserves to be beaten. Check Yourselves !

  8. Uhm Melo, why distrb a game, what ifi disturb a soccer game chief and pirates huuuuuhhhhhhhh FUCKEN COMMON RESPECT MAN, THE WORLD CANNOT STOP FOR A PROTEST!!!!!!THEY FUCKEN DESERVE IT!! !

  9. This shit of black against white must stop and a person that’s done something wrong be taken as a individual. It’s sad how people of a high education can act like this. The should have enough education to say this is how we don’t treat people. I am speaking to the white and blacks. I am a white south african and I love the country and people. I hate rasist people as I feel the are a problem. Yes black people are rasist too.
    Person should take a black and white rasist and put them in a shirt that fits them both and call it the get along shirt. Maybe they will bit found out they both human.

    Really guys this shit must stop.
    People must stop living in the past and learn to live together.

  10. Lol. Interesting.

    So Jansen doesn’t respond to our many attempts to speak to him, we find out he’s at the rugby game, we go there, he ignores us and watches ad we get beaten up by white students and we’re “inciting violence”?!

    As for the white female who was slapped at the gate, contrary to popular belief, we dont take kindly to being called kaffirs, and quite frankly if your dumb enough to call people kaffirs while staring at a large group of black people – dont be surprised when you aren’t greeted with tea and cookies.

    Having to explain onesself countless times to people that actually dont care is exhausting and emotionally taxing, physically taxing too if you have bullet wounds from a white kids rifle.

    We’re tired, and gatvol.

    Angry, Black “Kovsie”.

  11. These protester was violent and initiated the altercation.

    Especially the leader with the megaphone, the same one who proclaims to be there for peaceful purposes… this guy starts the fight by assaulting a white female student with his megaphone.

    Here is the proof:

    Clearly, they got what they deserved. Now they, and their little child minders (Francois), want to cry victim. Shem.

  12. Punchy thanks for the clear video link. In that gate I see a woman pushing a man then the man responds with a klaap. Did that guy klaap the lady because of the colour or because he was pushed?You’ll old enough to answer yourselves
    Were the black students vandalizing on that protest? Were they damaging the field? Did they assault a white person? No, they disturbed a rugby game which can be cancelled and be continued the other day if it’s really “important”. The students were just trying to make their voices heard not inviting a racist violence.

  13. What is sad is that some people want to make this a black versus white issue.
    It is sad that the rugby supporters resorted to violence but it is also sad that the protesters resorted to violence to access the venue – see the link showing a man beat a woman with a loud haler. The moment we say a black man beat a white woman (or a white student beat a black student) we have all lost. The problem with what happened is that I doubt whether the SRC at the UFS represented the students in what they did. And if they did not represent the students whose agenda were they representing…

  14. Do you even know where this started? It all started at a White girl getting slapped through the face for saying no to a horny black guy! And then the Boere said thats not right so they went and kicked there asses and they really needed it! But then only the part of black people getting beat up is put live on TV not the part of the girl who got beat up for saying no to have sex with a black man!

    And thats where the first bell struck then the cleaners all started to think we dont have to take the salary from our employer because cleaners need to be paid R30 000+ per month Like thats how it works some engineers dont even get that kind of pay!

    so ya what happend there was just a after shock of black people thinking that they dont need to listen to white people and can just do what they want but you know what we still have more then 60% of the money in south africa so no matter what you do you will never get out of that chain. not yet anyway!

    we stopped apartheid and we gave you full freedom but now you try and take everything force apartheid back just in another way around! after we said it should be equal you still try and get more power more money for doing Fuckol!! And if you want to be smart dont go on the rugby fields thats where we white boys life and breath! if you try to interrupt our games we will kick your ass! ohh and btw why is that if black people protest its fine but when white people protest we get shutdown immidiatly? Or when a black guy steals or rapes its fine but, let a white guy just touch another girl he gets a rape sue and 5 years in jail and its not even a rape it was just something like grabbing her hand!

    So to all who thinks what we did is Wrong… Screw you we did what is nessesary to keep you from forcing a toxiturbi apartheid!

    • You know, every time I read some pseudo-intellectual’s tirade regarding his or her anger at white people (not “White” people) for not rolling over to play willing scapegoat for this lame-duck government’s spectacular failures, I have to keep in mind that those writing said tirades are, to a large degree, informed by the attitudes and opinions of morons like you. I’m really sorry those protesters interrupted you while you were busy intently watching a bunch of sweaty men groping each other. And learn to spell “necessity” before you use it in a sentence. You might just give everybody the idea that that “tertiary education” is being wasted on you.

  15. What would have happened if it was the other way round, whites interrupting a football match to “peacefully” demonstrate an issue?

  16. Another question, the University is now run by the “majority” and has a black chancellor Dr Khotso Mokhele. Why are the black students looking directly to disrupt a game of rugby (which is primarily a white game) to highlight their grievances?
    Why not a black football match or something which affects most blacks at the university? Seems very antagonistic to me.


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