US Muslims laud gay marriage decision as “Ramadaan Miracle”

    Muslims in the United States have lauded Friday’s Supreme Court decision to legalise gay marriage across all 50 states and Washington DC describing the landmark decision “a Ramadaan miracle”.

    “It is a Ramadaan Miracle, truly … God would have wanted gays to have gained rights in this holy month,” said Iman Ali, 24, a student in South Carolina.

    Other people tweeted using the #lovewins hashtag in their posts, as gay fever gripped social media across the globe.

    Gays and Muslims have increasingly found themselves to have much in common in an atmosphere that has tried to restrict their civil rights.

    “We are both hated,” one Muslim gay-rights activist declared. “This is a victory for both groups”.

    In related reports, the black and white Isil flag has been splashed with the rainbow colors.

    Yet, not all US Muslims understand the hype.

    “I think some American Muslims are just oppressed by the allure of liberalism,” Rabia Chaudry, 38, a specialist in liberalism said. “They are just trying to fit in.”

    The US became the 21st country to legalise gay marriage across the globe, although gay marriage has been existence for centuries.

    For instance, one Roman emperor is said to have married a man named Nero, now popularly known as optical authoring software in the computing industry.

    The two are not linked.

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    – Featured image: The White House