Uzalo: Can they just bring Gxabhashe back already?


It’s only been a few months since it premiered but soapie fans are already growing impatient with hit SABC 1 series Uzalo.

The predominantly Zulu-language drama, which earlier this year stole the title of most-watched show on TV from perennial favourite Generations, appears to be faltering. Could this be a case of growing too fast, too quickly?

The death of notorious villain, and the series’ main draw card, Gxabhashe saw some viewers drift away from the show, while others have switched back to Isibaya, a show that is at boiling point right now as the feud between the chief, Bhekifa Ngubane played by Vusi Kunene, and the Zungu family heats up over the forced marriage with Qondisile. (But that’s literally a whole other story.)

The main problem for Uzalo right now is that it’s trying to keep up an unsustainable level of suspense.

It’s been weeks since Mabuza discovered that Gxabhashe is alive and well, and still the crime boss remains in hiding while his families goes on as if he is dead.

The show that was hailed for its realism not too long ago is beginning to lose that sense of realism and viewers are becoming impatient. What’s the point of having Gxabhashe alive if he isn’t actually doing anything?

Some viewers are still glued to their screens but others are beginning to feel that keeping Gxabhashe’s non-death a secret from the other characters is simply a cheap ploy by the writers.

Evidence concerning Gxabhashe’s escape from death should be out in the open already, the pastor Mdletshe who’s been blamed for his death should be released from prison, and the fact that it was Gxabhashe’s brother Mkhonto who tried to kill him should come out too.

Mxolisi and Mastermind have already found concrete evidence against Mkhonto but instead of handing it over to the police, they’re inexplicably keeping it to themselves.

Once all this is cleared up, we can get back to Uzalo’s main mystery and the real reason people watch the show in the first place – the secret of the switched babies.

Suspense alone isn’t interesting and dragging matters out long after they should have been resolved is simply going to cause viewers to look elsewhere for their daily dose of drama. If the plan is to bring Gxabhashe back, Uzalo’s writers need to do it soon.

Does Uzalo still have your attention, or not? Let us know in the comments.

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    • I am a pedi girl,kodwa ke ithatela Uzalo.Eish ebile it seems like there is a lot to watch this month.#xuluiscomingback.But i just hope that he put that Mkhondo thing in his place.But the act of this story seems like real life.Isn’t?Guys pls don’t miss out.

  1. i stil have the attation,i cnt find maslf missing an episode,i love watching uzalo#Ayanda is ma bigest fan,cnt wait 4 u Gxabashe 2 cumbck bt xem uzalo is hitng de road

  2. i’m so inlove with Gxhabashe please bring him back. i also can’t miss an episode, please play the soapies through out the week . we in Lesotho can’t get enough of that Man Gxhabashe

  3. ave ngizithandela uzalo ngiyeka ngisho ukufunda khona sekukhuluma umabuza nodhlomo besekuba umama kamxolisi ai kodwake ayibuye indoda izokweba imonto ngobuchule

  4. I’m starting to get bored by Uzalo, firstly its the changing of babies and the matter is quiet now, now its the sudden dissapearance of xulu, mkhonto and the pastor. Its better to watch the family feuds from Isibaya ay

  5. Well whats the use of showing Gxabhashe when we do not see him in action? And i sew that you want us to keep watching uzalo for no reason hoping that maybe Gxabhashe will come back todae and over nd over again well im just getting tired of playing that game anymore. JUST BRING BACK DA MAN!!! #GXABHASHE

  6. Well whats the use of showing Gxabhashe when we do not see him in action? And i see that you want us to keep watching uzalo for no reason hoping that maybe Gxabhashe will come back todae and over nd over again well im just getting tired of playing that game anymore. JUST BRING BACK DA MAN!!! #GXABHASHE

  7. Well Uzalo is still interesting, I can’t miss an episode too. But I think it would be nice if everything came up on the open meaning they should release Pastor Mdlentshe coz he’s done nothing wrong, and as for Gxabhashe he should come back…
    He’s the star

  8. Gxabhashe must come back.

    this soapie must be put on Generation slot and be played everyday….interesting and so real.

    I love GC too

  9. ayanda please dont do that to your wife (nombuso) why are you sleeping on the floor,my Bigest fan are Gxabhashe,Nosipho,Nombuso,aka GC, Mabuza,mastermind,mkhonto,ayanda,mxolisi,please come back to us king( GXABHASHE)

  10. Kabuye uGxabhashe bo haaai nomkakhe xem akeve ngchaza and vele kzokwenzakalan ngengane kaNombuso ezozalwa kule mess yobaba bayo nabo abazalwa kanje?

  11. Ya,the sgqemeza guy is reaping mxolisi off big time,I wonder when mxolisi is gonna find out that he is infact he’s uncle mkhonto.
    And we want to see what gxabhashe’s gonna do when he find that mxolisi has destroyed the business by involving sbu with woonga.

  12. Guys we must not rush 4 Gxabhashe 2 come back so quick let’s just flow with the flow of the story……. if Gxabhashe comes back and Poster mdletshe is relised what more will be interesting? cause is obviouse Gxabhashe will deal with Mkhonto, the situation of Nombuso?

    • To be honest UZALO is doing fine bat I can feel that the is something missing the big guy GXABHASHE when is he coming back kanti we don’t want to see that he is alive or what we want him in action that’s all!

    • 13a5essoPl, esqueci de comentar tmb, no inicio desse mes eu comprei uma camisa na ASOS e por incrivel que pareça, dessa vez chegou dentro de 2 semanas, pelos correios mesmo. Acho que só mandam pelo o outro transporte quando eles taxam a gnt!

    • Awesome contest/post. I hadn’t heard of a few of these books! Thank you. One of my fave realistic contemp YA authors is ER Frank and I think everyone should read all three of her books. I hope she comes out with something new one day soon! Realistic YA is my fave. I never want it to go away!

  13. mina ke ngiz’thandela u GC nguye yedwa onedrama emnandi kuZalo……..abalethe uGxabhashe istory siqhubekele phambili ngoba manje sebesdina ngedrama yabo Mxolisi engapheli….

  14. Yah eish at long last Xabhashe is back,m happy because he left knowing the truth about Mxolisi and Ayanda so nnete etla tswelela Mkhonto yena shame oboela jele

  15. Gxabhashe,Mangcobo,Mastermind,Mxolisi,Mkhonto,Ntwana,Ayanda,Mamndletse,Mfundisi,GC and all others characters and crew Big Up I love your work guys keep it up and one day i will join the crew coz i am so inlove with the no1 Soapie in Mzani

  16. i realy enjoy watching Uzalo keep it up you are doing verygood im your number 1 fun even to my family at work good luck gpd bless you

  17. for now its boring and that game of Thobile ,smangele and Fikile its boring too….oh yes I mic Gxabhashe if they can really bring him back …… wow I love that man he knows his job…

  18. No we losing intrest you cannot take gxabashe out from uzalo noo g?he’d better appear in the day they be burrying him we want him back


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