Uzalo fans breathe a sigh of relief as Gxabhashe returns


In true soapie style, Uzalo’s panelbeating crime boss Muzi Xulu aka Gxabhashe has risen from the dead. LIZEKA MADUNA and AAISHA DADI PATEL round up.

When Gxabhashe’s brother Mkhonto shot him a couple of weeks ago, fans of the show were distraught. But they remained hopeful of a Chuck Norris-style comeback.

On Monday night, after a seemingly interminable wait, viewers went into a frenzy when it was revealed the Gxabhashe was in fact still alive. Here’s how it all played out: MaNgcobo walked into the office and, shocked, found her husband waiting for her. Gxabhashe politely asked her who she was mourning. Uzalo meme 1 But what will happen when Gxabhashe learns that his business isn’t booming? MaNgcobo put Mxolisi in charge and gave Mkhonto a portion of the business – which was promptly destroyed. Will MaNgcobo and Mxolisi be punished for Mkhonto’s deeds? Uzalo meme 2 MaNgcobo told MaNzuza to tell her husband, the pastor, that Gxabhashe is back and the going is about to get tough. Uzalo meme 3 Meanwhile, Mabuza, the evil police officer who is thrilled at Gxabhashe’s return, will finally be able to settle all of his debts. Uzalo meme 4 When the big reveal was made that Gxabhashe was being harboured in a secret location by a woman who had found him, the pastor was overjoyed… Uzalo meme 5 … and so were we.

What did you make of Gxabhashe’s dramatic return? Tell us in the comments.

– Featured image via SABC1’s Uzalo Facebook page


  1. Jooo i like Uzalo,i will like to suggest that it can play till Thursday atlist & repeat the Episode mayb during the wk or wknds

  2. as we fans of Uzalo were requesting if this soapy can run from Monday to Friday and an omnibus on weekends and please repeat daily like any other soaps. here in Swaziland Uzalo is a number one soapy and please bring back Gxabhashe we miss him

  3. This is a real soupy. This is SA’s TV focus no.1. We cant thank you enough for bringing it. Your dreams have made SA interested on TV again after loosing generations. Thank you guys we appreciate, thank you. 🙂

  4. Ai uzalo is he bomb yoh…Mxolisi uyababa with his lips aike angisayiphathi ke eka Xulu esezothi we Mangcobo nkosi yami…..mastermind mhhhhh bayababa nje…..uzalo luyavuma please guys asidlale Thursday and Friday.

  5. uzalo is my favorite soap but they should play from Monday to Friday especial now Gxabhashe is back i love it i love itttttttt thanks Duma ka Ndlovu for bringing Gxabhashe back.


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