Uzalo: finally, Gxabhashe is back!

Uzalo viewers are brimming with excitement following the return of series villain, Gxabhashe. There are sure to be fireworks in the Xulu family when his children find out he’s alive and when Mkhonto realises he didn’t quite manage to pull off his brother’s murder.

Now that Gxabhashe is back, the mystery of the babies swopped at birth returns to centre stage. This could be the beginning of some real drama for Uzalo.

For starters, we know that all those who know the secret of the switched babies face death. Nombuso’s sister Sindisiwe was shot before she could reveal the secret, and no sooner had Nombuso found out about it, through a letter hidden inside her late sister’s bag, then she too was shot, right in front of Mxolisi.

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Meanwhile, Mxolisi is unaware of his father’s return, and Gxhabashe himself is unaware that his son has brought his worst enemy, Mkhonto, into the family business. Things are about to get ugly.

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There’s been too much drama in MaNzuza’s home since her husband, the pastor was arrested for Gxabhashe’s murder. Does this mean the pastor will be coming home soon as well?


Mkhonto has dropped his guard following Gxabhashe’s apparent death and is making all sorts of demands on the company. He thinks he’s got everything under control, but how will he react when he finds Gxabhashe is alive?

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Gxabhashe has started to stalk Ayanda, his biological son, to learn more about him. Considering their terrible history and crippled relationship, how will Ayanda react when he finds out that the man he most despises is his father?

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