Uzalo: GC is heading down a dangerous path

After nearly being forced to marry someone he doesn’t love, GC’s life is seems to be headed for a crash.

Kingdom of KwaMashu congregants, and Uzalo viewers, were left shocked by GC’s unusual behaviour this week after he started hanging around the wrong crowd. GC has always been an organised businessman who values his salon and his friends but after his difficult trip home, he’s turned into a rebellious wretch.

Obviously GC is going through a rough patch after walking out on his family but he still has people who love him for who he is: his friends. If only he would keep that in sight. Instead, he’s started spending time with the wrong people.

When he met up with the gangster, DK (played by Sonto Maphumulo), he developed a drinking habit and started taking his problems to church. GC’s new friend keeps dragging him to trouble. He even got arrested because of DK’s shady dealings.

When his old friends tried to confront him about his behaviour, he dissed them.

Following GC’s shady stunts that he pulled on MaMlambo when she tried to discipline him, Pastor Mdletshe tried to intervene but it was already too late. When she told him that it was disrespectful to come to church drunk, GC quickly reminded MaMlambo of her affair with Pastor Mdletshe and her relationship with a rapist, Mbhekiseni. And just when the congregants thought they had seen everything, he went on and dished out files of MaNzuza’s shenanigans by mentioned her love affair with with advocate Bheki Zulu.

Black Twitter is abuzz with different theories about what’s going on with GC right now. While some believe his character is blossoming and has become more entertaining since his dark turn, others feel the writers have taken things a bit too far.

Lately, GC has been prone to trouble. He lost his friends, the salon, and even went to jail. People around him are trying to pull him together by condemning his drinking habits, but he is defiant. This seems to be a turning point in his previously lit life – right now he could end up as a lowlife with no job and no shelter.

When the storm is finally over, GC may finally learn who his fake friends are and who really has his back.

Featured image via Twitter