Uzalo: “I have had enough of the suspense”

Uzalo might be dragging, but it still has its fans. Some want Gxabhashe to return to their screens before the show loses its touch. LIZEKA MADUNA spoke to Durbanites about what they currently make of Uzalo.

nalediNaledi Sikhakhane, 20, student, Illovo
Uzalo is a great telenovela, especially since most of us are coming from townships, it is easier to relate with the storyline. The fact that the lead character is not on our screens is disconcerting because he is the heart of the story and they made us fall in love with him. I still find myself glued to the screen whenever it’s time for Uzalo because other characters are making it exciting but it doesn’t compare with when Gxabhashe was still around. I wish they could bring back our villain already so that the real drama will begin as he will reveal the secret of the switched babies.

phumlaniPhumlani Mkhize, 28, artist, Stanger
Uzalo is just one of many [soaps] but I’m not really intrigued. I grapple to understand what most viewers find interesting about it. The way Christianity is portrayed is what had me despise it the most; it is understandable that we are all human and Christians do things that general people do. But the storyline is too much of an exaggeration. I find myself relating more to Isibaya than Uzalo. Isibaya portrays the reality of life in a black community, which is something most Africans fail to understand. What I also don’t like about Uzalo is the way it is dragging right now, too much suspense is killing the entertainment. We know Gxabhashe is alive and they should bring him back already; I am running out of patience.

nokulungaNokulunga Mkhize, 21, student, Illovo
There is a slight difference between Uzalo and Isibaya. I find Uzalo really intriguing because it teaches us about township life. A fair number of people are coming from the townships yet we are not aware of the life there. When I first watched Uzalo I was shocked at how fast life is there. Although I didn’t get the point of Gxabhashe having to die, I noticed that it once happened with Generations and it pushes the story forward. As viewers we might not be fond of the idea that the lead character had to die but I am certain when he comes back we will eventually understand. I have had enough of the suspense, Gxabhashe and the pastor should be brought back now.

mnqobiMnqobi Dludla, 26, student, Durban
For once I have found something to watch on TV. I have never been a TV person until Uzalo hit our screens. The storyline portrays the life most of us are living in townships, it is easier to relate to it especially if one is familiar with the township culture. Although I love watching Uzalo, the church choir scene is getting tired. Action is all that draws attention from viewers and keeps them talking. I doubt anyone is interested in talking about the church choir as if that’s the main part of the story. The real drama will begin as soon as Gxabhashe comes back.

davidDavid Ngwenya, 38, librarian, Umlazi
Uzalo might appear as a township-based and local drama, but there is more to it than just that. I live in a township and I always come across people who are rich, but Uzalo somehow shows that behind most businessmen is a hidden agenda. Most businessmen are legit and earned their wealth by working hard. What I also find interesting about this telenovela is that it shows us that happiness is not about money. Gxabhashe’s family is living a good life in a double storey house but they still have problems. I just can’t wait for Gxabhashe to come back and reveal the secret.

Voxes have been edited for brevity and clarity
– Featured image via Uzalo SABC1 Facebook page