Uzalo rehashes an old storyline with the mystery of Nkunzi’s daughter

Uzalo writers have thrown in a plot twist centering around paternity, but haven’t we seen this storyline before? The Daily Vox rounds up what’s going on in Nkunzi’s home.

Just when viewers thought the drama was easing up, Uzalo has shown flames with a rehashed storyline of a child mystery. The current plot reveals that Nkunzi’s beloved daughter Zekhethelo, played by Nyalleng Thibedi, is not his biological daughter.

This came after a woman called Mapadi showed up at Nkunzi’s house and claimed that Zekhethelo is her daughter. Uzalo’s drama has been at its peak since the discovery that Innocentia is alive. Disbelieving that Zuzu is not his daughter, Nkunzi decided to do a paternity test and the results have left him hurt and boiling with anger. He revealed his true colours and went back to the ways of the old Nkunzi the villain. MaNgcobo is trying to tolerate it but how long can she take it?

Nkunzi’s love for Zekhethelo is immeasurable and learning that she is not his daughter has frustrated him and revealed his true colours. Not so long ago, he became a born-again Christian who no longer wanted crime in his life, but after finding out of the devastating news, he returned to his old self. This is taking its toll on him and Zekhethelo’s spoilt brat behaviour is not helping the situation. She has become rude and has started calling the man he once called her father by his name. Poor Nkunzi doesn’t deserve all this, not after the love he has shown her all this time.

While some viewers are still trying to digest the sad news that MaNzuza (Leleti Khumalo) and Smangele (Sihle Ndaba) are leaving the soapie, others are shocked by the drama surrounding Nkunzi’s family.

Everyone is curious about who Mapadi is and why she claims to be Zekhethelo’s mother. This may sound a bit far-fetched but Nkunzi might have had two wives before MaNgcobo or he cheated on Innocentia with Mapadi.

But if that’s the case, how did Zekhethelo end up with Innocentia? Could she have threatened Mapadi to give up her daughter and leave Nkunzi? That’s all about to be revealed as Zekhethelo is trying to find out the truth about the mystery of her life.

Featured image via Uzalo SABC1 on Facebook