Uzalo spices it up with drug dealing and baby daddy drama

The past few weeks have been dragging on for Uzalo viewers, but the telenovela is still the talk of the town after producers decided to forget about Gxabhashe for a while and spice up the storyline. LIZEKA MADUNA explains.

Gxabhashe’s family is at war and it looks like the chances of the family business surviving are minimal. This follows an ongoing feud between Mxolisi and his uncle Mkhonto after Mastermind gathered solid evidence pointing to Mkhonto as the prime suspect in Gxabhashe’s mysterious death.

Mxolisi and Mastermind were forced to pay bail of R100 000 each, and the panel beating business, which is not making enough money to begin with, is now in deep trouble. This has led Mxolisi to turn to drug peddling to make ends meet. His dodgy drug business however isn’t thriving as Mkhonto keeps sabotaging him. Mkhonto, who is out to destroy his brother’s business as a lesson to Gxabhashe’s family, has become the family’s enemy. In addition, Mxolisi is displeased with the way his sister, Nosipho, does business and this is driving a wedge between them.

With all the chaos the Xulus have caused in the community, more lives are still at risk of being ruined.

While the Gxabhashes seem to be on a sinking boat, the Mdletshes are also facing a family crisis.

Nkosinathi, the pastor’s son, and his friend Amandla, who is thought to be Gxabhashe’s daughter, have started smoking whoonga they picked up from the street.

Ayanda and Nombuso’s marriage is also in jeopardy, after it emerged that Nombuso had slept with Mxolisi the night before the wedding. To complicate matters further, the newlyweds are expecting a baby, but Nombuso is keeping the identity of the father – who could be either Mxolisi or Ayanda – a secret.

Meanwhile, Ayanda has decided to honour his mother’s wish and has taken it upon himself to fill his father’s shoes and become a pastor, even though his heart is still set on being a music producer. Somehow, he’s determined to kill two birds with one stone.

The Gxabhashes’ new drug business has added a new spin on the story. The drug business is sure to set them at odds with members of the community, as well as the police. While some viewers have argued that the show is glorifying the drug trade, others say it’s simply relating the reality of life in the township.

So what’s next for Uzalo? Mxolisi may be trying to move on with his life but Nombuso is still in love with him. Seeing him at a bar with his new girlfriend didn’t go down well and she may end up confronting him. Nombuso’s secret about the baby might be out in the open sooner than she expects. This poses a great threat to her marriage and her image as a pastor’s wife. And Amandla, who feels rejected by her alleged family, is going through a rough patch and might turn to drugs for solace. Things might get complicated if it turns out that the drugs are coming by way of the new Gxabhashe business.

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– Featured image courtesy of Dreamcatcher Multimedia