This video of Ntokozo Qwabe celebrating the end of exams will start your weekend right


After a tumultuous year at the University of Oxford, #RhodesMustFall activist Ntokozo Qwabe is about to graduate from the elite British university. And he’s celebrating with a dance thats setting Facebook alight.

Writing on Facebook, Qwabe said, “When you’ve been going through the most but are DONE with your Oxford exams forever and can smell your THIRD graduation!!! 🙂

“So you dance to the Afrikan beat in your Oxford subfusc (which you are thankful you’ll never have to wear again cos you are officially Qwexiting the UK after two degrees & two years of melanin slayage, causing havoc, decolonising & all that jazz!).

“Who said Afrikans abroad can’t move? Cos no matter where we are in the world we still got this thing in us. Sometimes our Afrikan moves, and general capacity to have fun & get a lil silly are the only thing we got to deal with all of the things in this world.

“Thank you to all the best people, classmates friends and comrades who have made the two years worth it. It’s been LIT! This is me signing out yall. BYE!!!

“(side note: the dancing is a second slower than the music cos I videod myself but hopefully still decently in tune! and who cares anyways lol – we outchea DONE!)”

Congratulations Ntokozo!


  1. really happy to see the back of this guy, Oxford has been around 800 years and he spent 2 years there. I hope one day that he learns to appreciate the gift that Rhodes bestoed upon him rather than try to destroy is legacy. I was prepared to engage with this guy up to the point he displayed his racisim.

  2. Funny how as a black man you ask for what is rightfully your and you get to be called racist. I wonder who is actually wrong, the one who asks for what rightfully belongs to him or the thief who stole, robbed and murdered innocent people


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