The waitress that Qwabe refused to tip highlights her privilege in Facebook response

Ashleigh Schultz, the waitress that Ntokozo Qwabe refused to tip, has responded to the whole saga Facebook. She says that she is astonished that this has received a lot of attention and that many people have stood up against racism. WANELISA XABA had this to say about it.

Waitress Response

The waitress responds.

It seems as though she experienced racism:

1. It seems that she is astonished that people of her skin colour get so much attention.
2. It seems that because she experienced racism, Ntokozo Qwabe’s ancestors went to her ancestors and stole the land, enslaved this Becky people and now Ntokozo Qwabe refuses to give her land back.
3. Obviously people came to her rescue not because of her skin colour and the weight of her tears. Because 1652 women’s tears are not gendered. And Beckys don’t use their tears to invoke swaart gevaar or to appeal to violent white masculinities which feel a need to protect “their” women from big dicked black (cis) men.
4. Hot bath. She said hot bath. A privilege most Black people don’t have due to poverty and structural racism.
5. She refers to colonialism and the brutality of Apartheid as “something that happened in the past”. In one sentence she demonstrates historical violence, cultural violence, and psychological violence of white ambivalence on racism. She just blue ticked your whole life, Blacks.
6. Again, in her mind she experienced racism. I guess Ntokozo AND WANDILE note will result in laws that will make it illegal for her to own land. It will commit genocides, it will enslave her and her whole generation of Becky’s and Tom’s. It will segregate the education system and prepare her for slave labour. It will simultaneously create canons of knowledge that state that this Becky is inferior and beast-like.
7. Cool ke. Go take a hot bath Becks. Then drink your chamomile tea. Then swim in your R100k, But please know, we are very serious about the land. You might have to hand over that flat sooner than you think.

Lastly, imisunu yenu yazi 1652’s. The white liberals. The white feminists. The white leftists. NONKE.

This post originally appeared on Wanelisa Xaba’s Facebook page.