Why we want nothing to do with your #BlackMonday

A South African flag blows in the wind [flowcomm on flickr]

South Africans are donning black this Monday in protest of President Jacob Zuma’s recent cabinet reshuffle, but not us.

White South Africans, corporate backers of Save SA and factions of the ANC have convinced us that this is the last stand before South Africa’s imminent collapse, that Zuma is the embodiment of South Africa’s slide towards the fiscal failure of Zimbabwe, and that now is a time for unity. But for us, the time for unity has come and gone many times before.

Where were the corporates who now so vocally back Save SA during Marikana, when our own were massacred by the state? Where were their voices calling for a minimum wage and free education? Why weren’t they rallying for a national shutdown when the banks were outed for colluding in ways that belittled the economy they’re now so desperate to protect?

Did white people take to the streets when Helen Zille asked us to see the silver lining in genocide and oppression? Where was the petition calling for action against the inequality that falls on racial lines – like the complete failure of the education and health systems in the Eastern Cape, an ongoing crisis that has been ignored for decades and that highlights how for millions of people, South Africa has already collapsed.

So who and what are you really marching to protect this time?

Where were the now outspoken members of the ANC when their president was found guilty of using state funds to upgrade his Nkandla home?

Why is it only now that former finance minister Pravin Gordhan is quoting stats showing that 10% of South Africa owns 95% of the wealth? Where was his radical economic agenda during his term?

Why did they only decide to challenge President Zuma’s injustices after they were directly affected – and why have they shamelessly used the legacy of departed struggle icons to do so?

So no, I will not be wearing black to mourn South Africa today, because we should mourn South Africa every day, not just when we’re called upon by elites to fight their battles for them.

While we do stand against President Zuma and his brazen disregard for our lives and the lives of South Africa’s poorest and most marginalised, we will continue to struggle for South Africa and it will not be with you.

In the end, we still have to save SA from you too.

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  1. For once I agree with you. White people should stay out of this. Non-ANC people should stay out of this. The efforts to remove Zuma need to come from within the ANC itself, otherwise the cause will be ipso facto delegitimised and the ANC will simply close ranks to protect their own, as usual.

    • What utter bollocks. Stop telling white people (and opposition parties) what to do and not to do. This narrowing of the PC arena is a large part of what the problem in SA is. Zille never condoned colonialism. And where does condoning of genocide fit in. Stop lying. Stop this crap you small minded people.And may I say: YOu are racist to the core.? Yes, I may

  2. I’m an old white lady and have been protesting since long before you young folk at The Daily Vox were conceived (in 1965, against detention without trial)… Yes, white people should have been much more vociferous in protest, much better informed about their own privilege and advantages. But now is not the time to stand and point fingers at each other. Let us work together this week to bring about a truly better effective government.

    It’s true that is often very uncomfortable to share a protest with people whose ignorance is offensive. Sometimes it would help change them.

    I went to the shops today in black. The purpose of this small gesture is to show solidarity. I really disagree with your divisive stance.

    • Who exactly will bring that change Jane because all these people including your Pravin are unscrupulous as Zuma is. They are not saints Ramaphosa, Trevor, Sipho the whole lot of them are all in it for themselves – to preserve their western ties. SO NO!!! This is all but nonsense.

      • Xoli, Not “my Pravin” or any of the others you name – I hold no special brief for them. Who will bring the change ..? Hard to answer that as it seems so many are corruptible or tainted .. but ordinary everyday keeping our faith in process honesty and our common humanity and our human rights.

    • This writer is a cancer,
      lashing out at ‘the enemy of feesmustfall and non-whites of South Africa’

      Complaining that protests are happening.
      @10% of the population he wants to see way more than 10% White people present at protests before he’ll be happy.

      But to look at it this way is sooo apartheid-esque.

      That line at the end is just condescending, he probably can’t even see skin color from up on that high horse.
      “In the end, we still have to save SA from you too.”


  3. You know when you are about to puke, you get a salty taste at the sides of your tongue? I have a slight nauseating feel here. The undertones here is still an ‘us’ and ‘them’. Clearly the writer has still not moved forward. Our country’s vision is ‘A better life for all’. Not just a better life for certain groups. By the time you wake up, we will have nothing to fight for. Maybe it’s time step away from your #FeesMustFall focus and think about the bigger picture. As a blogger and influencer it’s imperative that you take responsibility for what you put out there. By the rate you are going, you’ll still be fighting #FeesMustFall by the time you are turning 53. Grow a spine, cultivate a good understanding of the holistic political picture in South Africa and make sure what you write adds value to your country…. yes YOUR country and US as it’s people, irrespective of colour, belief, age, orientation, socio-economic status, able or differently abled. This IS injustice, just like Marikana, injustice, just like the Education system that are failing our young, injustice, just like your tax money that vanishes from the government’s coffers into the pockets of the Gupta elite, injustice, just like the old and vulnerable that are being failed by it’s Minister of Social Development and finally injustice, just like someone who are willing to bad mouth a country’s unifying distaste of their leader and not willing to do ANYTHING about it. Being passive aggressive and apathetic? Now THAT is injustice We can do nothing about…

    • Can this country’s vision of ‘better life for all’ include white corporations employing black youth, let’s throw in there some land for black people. Every black Monday black people receive a square of land , maybe then we will believe your lipservice of ‘better lives for all not just the 10%’.

      • We need to grow our economy the way it was growing under Madiba and Mbeki for the pie to get bigger, that way corporations will start hiring again, the new members of the middle class will be able to buy land/cars/houses if they so choose and our country will be on the right path.
        Instead we have a loose canon president who has just seen us drop from a BBB+ credit rating under Thabo Mbeki to junk status – not mention dropping GDP growth from 4.1% under Mbeki to a projected 0.8% for this year.
        If you want to know why corporations aren’t hiring read the numbers, the Zuma presidency is the the cause of 90% of our problems – rich and poor – the numbers dont lie!

  4. Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis. While your misgivings are sympathised with, your creation of more division is playing right into the hands of those you contest with, protest against, etc. You’ve been beaten with a stick, over and over again, and now you’re wielding your own stick in anger. Are you breaking the cycle, or reentering it with your own brand of seemingly righteous, elitist outrage that no one may engage with you on, lest they be too “other” to understand? Before the state was captured, our minds were captured – both yours and mine. Unmask your fictions, friend.

    “A minimum of unconsciousness is necessary if one wants to stay inside history. To act is one thing; to know one is acting is another. When lucidity invests the action, insinuates itself into it, action is undone, and with it, prejudice, whose function consists, precisely, in subordinating, in enslaving consciousness to action. The man who unmasks his fictions renounces his own resources and, in a sense, himself. Consequently, he will accept other fictions which will deny him, since they will not have cropped up from his own depths. No man concerned with his equilibrium may exceed a certain degree of lucidity and analysis.” ~ Emil Cioran

  5. Your comments, thoughts and ideas are not illequiped or without merit. Nevertheless my concern lay with the fixation of the past errors, yes corporates may have faltered in their duty to South Africa in the past, yes there most definately should have been more when tragedic events occured and when proof of decay in our executive emerged. You are fully justified in the anger you exhibit so eloquently, but now that something is being done you oppose it? Is this not a case of better late than never? I can clearly see that you are an indivual who believes change is needed therefore why fight against what you appear to subconsciously advocate for.

    • This website is funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. Look him up. It is bullshit and designed to race bait.

  6. What an ill informed bullshit article. 1.Gordhan was subject to ANC policy so if he failed to transform anything, it means the ANC failed. 2. The investigation into banks by the Competition Commision is still ongoing and no verdict has been reached yet on whether they colluded. 3. We live in a global economy. Foreign Investment in SA creates more jobs than SA’s own investment. Cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face is never a good strategy.

  7. Is the Vox now owned by the Guptas? Thus reads like a Bell and Pottinger PRO stsunt. B&P, by the way, are the Gupta and Zuma PRO team (a British PRO organisation that helps out failing companies and govts with good PRO spins). The big one for the Guptas is currentll the whole White Monolpoly Capital saga. Have a look. Anyway, we don’t have to stand together, but for me, if a guy has less melanin than me, and he’s on my side, then he’s welcome to be my brother. Let’s stand together before the theives swallow the whole country. Phambili ndawonye….

    • No, they are owned by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, the same group that sponsors race hate movements libe Black Lives Matter and funds coups. If you don’t believe me click on their “our supporters’ button right at the top of the page.

  8. Oh my.

    Look what we have descended into. Despair, bickering, hatred.

    Maybe we deserve Zuma. Maybe we deserve to have our coffers pillaged by thieves in the night. Maybe we deserve to become truly African.

  9. 1. With or without #BlackMonday Zuma is going & we all want him gone. That much is True.
    2. Not participating in #BlackMonday does not mean u are stagnant & hv allowed the Country to go to the Dogs.
    3. Not participating in this #BlackMonday is really bkz we cannot guarantee that in future we will have ur support without question wen fighting issues that only effect the Poor of our Country & not the Elites.
    4. This is a time to reflect and decide as a Country. R we uniting against all things unjust? Or just this specific issue of Zuma?

  10. Perhaps the Fallists should understand that if the currency collapses and we face rampant inflation, higher interest rates and more disinvestment, you will have far more to worry about that free education and a plot of land you don’t know how to farm. Your opportunities for economic freedom will fall, your food will fall, your water will fall, and you will be living in a truly third world country under a dictator who has already shown he will shoot you if you stand up to him. So put on the shirt and stop sniveling. These issues—inflation, disinvestment, interest rates— affect the poor in a much bigger way than they will the rich, all of whom have cash offshore. By the way, Mohammed, if you think the Fallists are just going to displace white people in their efforts, you are sadly mistaken. After they are through with us, Indians and Muslims are next on the agenda. Take a good look at just how many non-black people have real power in this country or in the FMF “movement”. Take a good look, Mohammed . I’ll wait.

  11. Mohammed Abdulla is a fallist? Yes, he does seem like a pseudo-marxist ideologue who did the first of a humanities degree before joining the revolution and turning his back on colonial notions of ‘education’. And I guess he will have to act surprised when it turns out that scapegoating a minority population group is a recipe for gulag soup.

  12. What about Marikana? When maurauding panga bearers charge you what are you going to do? Am I to march in sympathy with those who bear traditional arms to a “peaceful” protest? Absobloodylutely not!!!
    Fees must fall? Bollocks…nothing in life is free. Get over it. Rather march for “education standards must rise and we are happy to pay for it”.
    Now let’s debate Zuma. A useless, dishonest idiot who has systematically undermined every state institution without fail.


    get it….?

  13. Badly written, poorly researched race-baiting that belongs on the personal blog of a high school child. The irony of the article’s intent is totally lost on the “writer”.

  14. Oh me oh my… well golly, lets try and help these keyboard warriors out. You and your band of cynical friends just (once again) fell for the ANC’s oldest and most transparent of tricks: ” divert their attention and turn it into a race issue. The idiots fall for it everytime”… and then like clockwork you do. Where were white people? Busy avoiding the minefield that is public discourse in South Africa. Where whites are constantly told to shut up and keep out because it’s all our fault and we have no role except grovelling and begging for forgiveness. Where were we? Too busy staying as far away from this kind of toxic stupidity knowning full well what could happen if you engage.

    So congrats. You are helping to destroy the few unifying moments that South Africans can rally around a safe issue that has nothing to do with race but with economic issues. Issues that will have much more far reaching and disastrous consequences for everyone… especially the poor.

    I am curious tho? Where were all of you when all that was happening? At the front lines fighting or just once again venting from the safety of your room? Yeah, thought so. Anyhoo. This twaddle is pure cancer. Now f off.

  15. “Genocide” dude ? Really ?? Colonialism was terrible, hey ? I hope you enjoy the African renaissance that you are experiencing.


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