[WATCH] “Covid-19 Vaccine: Importance of sharing accurate information”

The Covid-19 virus is something that everyone should be prepared to live with for a very long time. In many communities in South Africa and around the world, the misinformation and fake news is worsening the pandemic. It is more important than ever to share accurate information around the virus and its vaccine. 

Samuel Flans and Alfa Fipaza are two filmmakers based in Cape Town. They went to Khayelitsha to find out people’s views and real-life concerns. Immunologist and Eh!woza researcher, Cheleka Anne-Marie Mpande responded to the concerns to dispel any myths and concerns in the video.


This film was produced by Eh!woza for National Science Week with support from The NRF-SAASTA and the Department of Science and Innovation, administered by the University of Cape Town. The film interviews immunology PhD graduate, Dr. Cheleka Mpande and was directed by Samuel Flans, with camera work by Alfa Fipaza. 

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