WATCH: South African apartheid vs Israeli apartheid


Israeli Apartheid Week 2017 is taking place from 5-11 March this year, and as always, it’s sure to be lit. That’s mostly because people feel very strongly about which side of the fence (or wall) they sit on when it comes to Israel and Palestine.

But what’s all the fuss about? The Daily Vox unpacks the parallels between the South African apartheid state and Israeli apartheid.

Featured image by Aaisha Dadi Patel


  1. Very misleading and biased report. Calling a man with a suicide vest detonating himself on a bus killing dozens of civilians “terrorism” using apostrophes, is ignorant.
    The oppressed in SA did not wage war on their white lords in 48′, then again in 73′. When the land was divided between Jews and Palestinians the Jews were dancing in circles and the Arabs were polishing their swords–before what was later named the Israeli independence war.

    I would love for palestinians to move freely from Gaza to the West Bank. If only it were that easy. That would lead to dozens of murderous terrorists all over Israel. This website is a joke and a disgrace to journalism, and this woman in the video that uses apostrophes for every other word she says, needs to take a history book first.

  2. This movie is full of lies.. israel tried many times to solve the palestinian conflict but the arabs as always didn’t want to solve the conflict.
    israel went out of gaza strio in 2005 there is no occuoation there and still hamas continues to attack israel.


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